Let’s get to the facts straightaway. Website design is incomplete without good content writing. You can have the best designs for your website, but it will be of no use if your content writing is not meeting the desired standard.
Whether website content writing is another job for a web designer or not, the point is open for debate. However we can say that it is a web designer who has to make sure that 100%original SEO content is provided for the web page. The content writing must also highlight the reason for building the website and of what use the website can be to a viewer. If you don’t support your website with good texts, you can consider your website to be lost. Therefore proper and 100% original SEO content is very important and this is the reason why you must always take the help of professional website content writing services.
Content is also essential to get rankings from various search engines. Your website must contain optimized pages so that you get a better ranking from all search engines. Similarly, clever use of keywords must be done while content writing which will help you score better SEO ranks from all search engines.
Content and web-design go together
Now that you know that content writing complements web designing, let’s move ahead. Website design is not simply to add color to the website and later on add some 100% original SEO content here and there. The content writing and the web design must be synchronized at all times. Your content must support your design and vice versa.
You can even match the colors with the temper of the content of your blog or website. For example, if the article is very happening, you can add bright colors to your website like red and yellow. Or else, if you are writing about a serious topic, the safest colors are black and white. If you choose sport, go for green. And again, content writing and website design should complement each other. The reader will just discard your website if it only has colors and brand name but no 100% original SEO content.
You must first write the content and then design your website based on the content provided and not the other way round. It is impossible to write something just to accommodate the design. The subsequent result will be weak and not enough to impress anybody. If you design your website first, your whole concentration will be to maintain the design when your website is on air.
In case you have hired a website designer who does not provide 100% original SEO content, then you are in for a lot of trouble. Make sure that your web designer provides you with original content every time you require. It is therefore very important that you do a complete research before you hire any website designing service. You have to make sure that the people provide 100% original SEO content along with proper website designs. This will save you from running from pillar to post just to complete your website.

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