The longer I love, the more I see how universally beneficial it is to give someone the dignity of their own experience.

I have so many examples where, when I allowed someone to do what they needed to do-no matter how much I thought I knew the solution to their problem - they always seemed to learn a lesson that I might have thwarted.

These examples are not merely from witnessing other people's lives. They also come from my personal experience.

Some days things simply seem effortless. All things, events, and people seem to be aligned. Small hiccups are cheerfully laughed at. People's foibles are easily overlooked.

Other days, the one's we label "just one of those days," seem to be jinxed or like no matter how hard we try, we cannot get ahead. Or get things to go our way.

It seems like during those times, we are continually late, tripping up physically and emotionally, and people just can't seem to act right! I'll tell you a secret. Both the "good" days and the "bad" days are both of our own making.

We form limiting beliefs by creating meaning from events. The rest of our lives, we unconsciously create realities to support these limiting beliefs. This is the good news.

When we can start to identify our limiting beliefs, we can then start to make choices based on our highest selves. In many cases, we need help discarding these beliefs. But hope starts with awareness.

There is a caution here, too. We will want to be gentle with ourselves once we "know" our limiting beliefs but find we continue to act of them. You may be perplexed to find that they become quite subtle and therefore harder to identify. This is a lifelong process.

If we can learn to be gentle on ourselves, we can then give ourselves the dignity of our experience and know that all is right in the universe. We can relax knowing that we have a heart's desire to learn and grow and be compassionate for ourselves in however long it takes. Hint: it takes a lifetime.

As we cultivate our compassion for ourselves, we cultivate our compassion for others. The relationship with the self is the primary relationship and is reflected back to us in every relationship.

As we learn this, we expand our heart energy to encompass more and more of this Earthly experience. Isn't that why we are here?

Your Assignment:

Please listen this week to how you speak about yourself and your surroundings. Are you complaining? Do you find you "always" or "never" do __________? Can you be compassionate with yourself today and be an amazing example of health and healing and thereby facilitate healing in others?

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