When we project ourselves forward in time, we alter our behavior now. We change how we feel based on what may be. We begin to think differently because of our thoughts about the future. By being only in the moment you are in, you let go of your future, you let go of planning and trying to control everything. You let go of maintaining any form of awareness you have of yourself in the future. Time is not how we think it is. We believe we will exist as the same as we are now, with only time passing. We believe that we will continue being as we think or imagine we will. We see time as a stream within our control, and yet it is not.

When we let go of the way we see time, we begin to change how we see ourselves. Time can be a hindrance, for we control ourselves because of it. We plan around our idea of time. We alter our behavior and change what we do to fit in with time and our plans. We stress, worry, and become emotionally attached to what we think will be. We decide what will happen without even yet knowing what will be. We attach a lot of meaning to the progress of our future. If you really thought about it, how far into your future have you already planned for? We cannot exist in the future, and yet we believe we can choose the outcome and control what will be. Very rarely do we exist in the moment without thinking about what will be. How much time, energy, and thought go into your plans; how does it make you feel? What happens when you are forced to let go of those plans? Do you struggle or adapt?

You lose the moment you are in when you project into the future. If we exist only in the present, we are free to be who we really are. When we exist without thinking about the future, we do not change our behavior in the current moment. When we are in the moment, we will not react emotionally to our thoughts about the future; therefore, we do not alter how we feel now. Letting go of how we relate to time can free us up to exist as our real self.

Time is an illusion based on our needs. We need to be in control of what will be; that is why we plan. We may fear what might happen, so we need to think about it and worry about it now. We have this idea that time is something that can be altered to somehow benefit us, yet time in itself does not exist. We imagine its presence so that we can manifest our ideas of the outcome of our future so that we can feel better about right now. But what if we just let it go and let the idea of our future become nothing? If we didn’t plan, we would let go of stress. If we let go of our idea of time, we wouldn’t need to control it. If we existed only in the moment, we would live in contentment, peace, and happiness.

When we can exist in the moment, we can then find ourselves and live in a more grounded and peaceful state. Time doesn’t control us so much as we try to control time. Let your idea of time go so that you can exist in right now, without projecting yourself into the future. Let the idea of who you will be, what will happen, and what you need in the future disappear. For all you really need to do is be here with where you are, what you are doing now, and nothing else. When you are present, there is never really any future for you to fear, worry, or stress out about. Find out what it can be like to exist without our idea of time, and instead exist in the present.

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