It is enough to look at the universe and wonder at its marvellous structure. The world of ideas is built on this wonder and Physics is one such gift human thought has to offer. If it takes eight minutes for light to reach the earth why does it take more time for us to travel to places in our neighbourhood? This brings up the phenomenon of speed. Phenomenon is an occurrence that cannot be denied on account of experience. The nature that gives rise to a phenomenon has certain laws that govern entities in it in a way that produces an outcome and this outcome is experienced by us as a phenomenon.

We too are the result of complex forces that abide by the laws of Physics. Although one tends to think of Physics as a subject that is generally studied in a vacuum one needs to think again. In a broad sense Physics invokes Chemistry, Biology and other Sciences of Perception. It has many applications that would excite young learners if taught in an interesting manner. Stories are not often associated with Physics because the emphasis is more on events and narration rather than how they happen.

Physics can be taught in the form of stories as in tutorials. If Aesop’s Fables have such a powerful impact on Children then there is great potential in teaching Physics through tales and animation. A young learner typically would like to be involved in what he/she learns so that he/she can experience how concepts work. Although it is challenging to make children experience the way concepts work it calls for pedagogic breakthrough which can be achieved by reviewing one’s methodology from time to time. A tutor has to be patient when young learners are unable to relate to topics like energy, equilibrium etc. This is where the tutor can narrate events where the concept of energy plays a pivotal role; as in games. A baseball player knows basic Physics through intuition. We do not have to study Physics to perform many activities but the principles are hardwired in us. We need to study Physics to be able to articulate it. We need to study Physics to describe, apply and manipulate laws to make a difference to the way we live and perceive our universe. Online education can bring about that mutation in learning favourable to young minds.

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