Relationships are sort of like great novels. They have a beginning, climax, and an end.
The beginning is enjoyable as two people begin to become enthralled with each other.
The climax is typically a period of promise to one another. It is that special time when "I do's" are said or promise rings are given.
The end of a relationship happens through divorce, separation, "breaking up", or death. Most couples like to think and hope that they will be together for the long haul. From statistics, Separation through death ends only half of all marriages.
Typically, a couple starts to undergo a "falling action" period after the climax where they begin to do less things for each other. This phase often leads to a stale relationship that often results in termination of each other as partners. Something must be done to keep the relationship active. There are several ways to bring back the spark in any relationship and we're about to discuss them all.

It's important to engage in active listening with a partner. Active listening is when one person truly stays in tune with what the other has to say. They pay attention to both verbal and nonverbal communication. They are actively observing social cues throughout the conversation. A great active listener can give appropriate feedback that helps develop the conversation. There's nothing more important than communicating appropriately with a spouse or partner. True active listeners stay mild mannered throughout the conversation and are able to get deep with their partner.

Couples who continue to do things for one another after the climax period of the relationship tend to stay together for longer than couples who let this fall to the side. It's more than just buying chocolate and teddy bears. The couples who stay together for the longest amount of time make their spouse's or relationship partner's life easier with the tasks that they do. They take on chores that the other does not want to do. Relationships often fall apart when one does not take on the opportunity without complaint. While vacuuming the rug is a monotonous task, it's something one partner might really hate doing while the other has much less of a problem with it.

The honeymoon period of the relationship often includes going on special trips together. A lot of couples save up thousands of dollars to have the vacation of a lifetime after they get married. The honeymoon period can be extended without forfeiting the money to go to Italy. Doing little things together, like going to a water park, can give the couple the opportunity to have fun together without spending a staggering amount of money. Finding the time to do fun things together can be challenging. Try using the vacation days saved up at the same time and when the kids are out of school.

Maintaining a relationship is easy when the three keys to a successful one are properly followed. A great couple is always sure to engage in healthy communication with one another, do things to make the other one's life easier, and extend the honeymoon period by always making time for each other. When these keys to getting or maintaining the spark in a relationship, marriage, or dating are properly followed, there should be no issue with staying together. For more Dating, Romance, Relationship, and Intimacy Tips and Advice follow Taylor Snow Romance: All the best in rekindling intimacy and romance in your relationships.

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