Dubai being a city of luxury, fashion and glamour is home to many salons. Some of them for example A-One Hair & Beauty Salon, Dubai caters to men only. In this blog, A-One Hair & Beauty Salon, Dubai lists 3 top rejuvenating salon services for men other than haircut. These rejuvenating salon services for men not only offer a feel-good factor but are aimed for their grooming as well. Without further delay, let’s quickly check the top rejuvenating salon services for men offered by A-One Hair & Beauty Salon, Dubai that men in Dubai must try:
Beard trimming and styling
Clean shave is too backdated now. There are so many kinds of beard styling that trend on the web. Men should experiment with their beard styles for a change in their appearance and persona. Men many also choose to color their beard after a good trimming and shaping. A-One Hair & Beauty Salon as the best beard salon in Dubai for men offers all kinds of beard grooming services by expert stylists only.
Body waxing for men
Exactly like women, now men too want to get rid of excess body hair. This has led to the inception of the body waxing. Body waxing might sound little painful but makes the body smooth and soft. If looking for body waxing for men in Dubai, you must check A-One Hair & Beauty Salon. Their body waxing for men charges in Dubai is around 20-400 Dubai riyal.
Body massage for men
Body massage is definitely one of the most rejuvenating salon services. When it comes to body massage for men, there are further categories like full body massage, head massage, leg and foot massage, back massage and upper body massage. Full body massage for men in Dubai is priced as per duration. Best quality oil or cream is used in body massage services for men at A-One Hair & Beauty Salon, Dubai.
A-One Hair & Beauty Salon is now ranked among the top service provider of best skin treatment in Dubai for men.

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Aone Salon is the best men salon in Dubai. We offer all kind of men salon facilities such as beard shape, skin treatment, body waxing, full body massage, hair colour, hair removal treatment.