“Why do there have to be doors?” So the song goes. The meaning of this melancholic classic song focuses on the perspective that doors are meant for goodbyes. But we know better.

The answer to why there has to be doors is pretty obvious. The function of this home essential can never be undermined. It’s a degree of protection and security in our homes and the only way to properly enter our property. For this reason, it’s supposed to be strong so it can last for years and there should be a guaranteed security system imbued to it.

These days, it’s not enough to have just a knob and a deadbolt to secure your home. More and more people are gravitating towards the advanced lock systems that can be controlled using mobile phones and other gadgets. Locks these days are so advanced that some allow you to see what’s happening outside your house through your connected mobile device even when you’re miles away.

With this evolution in security systems, homeowners can now focus on the design and aesthetic val-ue of the door, rather than just reliability and strength. If you have not tried making an experiment on your own front door, here are some hacks and inspirations that will surely get you started.

Oversized Doors

Has enlarging your door to huge proportions ever entered your mind? The truth is, what limits us when we think of “redesigning” a part of our house is that we always focus on colors, texture, and unique embellishments. How about the size? A front door can be unique even with a very simple design but with a size that is three times bigger a normal door, just like this one in the photo.

Revealing Doors

Since you can always put a curtain behind the door and there are advanced security systems to give you peace of mind, you can now safely install a revealing glass door that literally shows whatever is there inside your house. If you are proud of your home interior, then this one’s for you.

Barn Door

For a country, farmland feel that will never go out of style it’s great to replace your existing door with a thick barn front door. This will instantly make any passerby stop and take a snap of that unique entrance to your sanctuary.

Hobbit Door

Remember that circular small door in the movie series of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit? You probably think it’s cute but you’ve never thought of incorporating that to the facade of your home, right? But just imagine how attention-grabbing your door will be with this design? Don’t worry about installation because if you hire the right handyman services Singapore pros for this, you won’t have a problem at all.

Peek Inside Door

If you’re not that comfortable with a revealing door that is completely glass and transparent, then opt for one that is mostly solid and with a little glass or fiberglass embellishment. This little part of your front door will serve as an interesting feature that exudes style and uniqueness.

These are only a few ideas on how to recreate your front door to turn it not only into a first layer of protection but a first line of attraction for your humble abode.

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