The Amazon account suspension creates big hurdles for sellers. Since we know that a large number of people are involved are conducting the business in the online marketplace. They usually have no idea about to protect their seller account as well as follow the Amazon policies. Thus we have created this webpage to enable you for enough to gain knowledge regarding this subject.

Since every time Amazon account suspension takes place due to a specific reason. Thus before taking an attempt to recover the seller account, deep analysis is compulsory. Thus you must go through the email notification by Amazon finely. Thereafter you may think of preparing Amazon appeal letter contained with an appropriate plan of action.

Frequented cause for Amazon Seller Suspension
Selling forbidden products: Amazon never allows the sale of forbidden products as it will deeply affect the reputation of this marketplace. It supports the genuine practice of business rather than selling any fake items.

The sale of fake items: If you are supporting the sale of fake items on Amazon, it will immediately suspend your seller account. This is the worst situation as you won’t be able to access your account in any way. This is taking care of this factor is important at all costs.

Negative Feedback: The feedback plays an important role in keeping the business under the desired parameter. Your client's measurements depend strongly on criticism from your purchasers, so you better offer a discount and all the more to fix issues created due to negative feedback suspension.

Opening duplicate Accounts. In the event that you think opening a second Amazon account is a smart thought in any capacity whatsoever, reconsider. Amazon utilizes a mind-boggling, perplexing, and amazingly definite calculation to get merchants who don't meet to the guidelines. You can't have two merchant accounts. As after doing this, you can essentially promise yourself a suspension.

New Account later to being Suspension: It's reasonable that managing seller performance somewhat seems disappointing. After being suspended sellers usually lose their hope but it might be taken under control if you are aware of the Amazon policies and correct source for solution. But don’t attempt to open another seller account after Amazon has shut your past record.

On the whole, you have to be careful if you literally want to reinstate your Amazon seller account as soon as possible. We have made this blog to make you realize what factors you need to execute.

The common factors which have been notified are as below:

•Late Shipment Rate

•Utilized Item Sold As New

•Deficient Item

•Not as Advertised or Wrong Item


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