According to a study, most Americans believe it’s important to follow the Ten Commandments

The study found “US Adults overall are more likely to say every commandment is ‘an important principle to live by’ rather than an unimportant principle. The top Commandments that are still accepted as important in America today: don’t murder (91%), don't steal (90%), don't bear false witness (88%), don't commit adultery (81%), honor father and mother (77%), and do not covet another person’s possessions (73%). The least popular Commandment for modern significance is to keep the Sabbath holy (47%), according to the survey—which asked Americans about the King James Bible’s translation of the Ten Commandments.”

The study also found Christians and people who identify as Atheist or Agnostic mostly agree about the importance of “Thou shalt not kill”, Thou shalt not steal”, and “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.

However, they disagreed about “Honor (obey) your father and mother”: 50% Agnostic/Atheist, 71% Religious Non-Christian, 88% Christian.

They also differed about others, such as “You shall not commit adultry”: 72% Agnostic/Atheist, 75% Religious Non-Christian, 87% Christian.

The study suggests religion isn’t required to encourage good behavior or be a virtuous human being.

However, most people understand the importance of doing the right thing, but all people don’t do the right thing in all situations.

What would encourage everyone to be more likely to do the right thing more often, even when it might be difficult to do so?

Acceptance of the likelihood of reincarnation and karma, based on the vast evidence supporting it (such as the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson with past life memories of children, for example).

Many people freely and unthinkingly associate the word karma to all sorts of circumstances yet don’t understand it’s usually tied to reincarnation.

When you accept reincarnation and karma, you understand that everything you do will return to you, and it may not be in this lifetime, so you are more mindful of your actions and words. It's all about personal accountability.

The acceptance of these two concepts holds everyone accountable; you can’t just do whatever you want, then get a free pass by asking for forgiveness from your God, confessing with a priest, or manipulating the "matrix" and magically " rising above" the karma without having to directly balance it.

Countless people-- from all over the world and all religions, including many former atheists-- who had a near death experience will tell you there really is life after life, and we really do reincarnate. They’ll also tell you reincarnation and karma affect everyone, no matter what their beliefs. You don’t need to believe in it if you choose not to, but what is the harm in acting as if all actions return to sender?

Can you imagine a world in which everyone was taught from a young age about the importance of reincarnation? And then if they experienced past life regression it would lead to an understanding, a knowing; they'd perceive for themselves, and be shocked in the process, how their actions in past lives are influencing their current life.

Radical honesty would replace lying and cheating in relationships, for example. Everyone would know the vast audience on “the other side” is watching them, their deeds recorded forever, and how their words and actions contribute to their future fate.

With everyone (aside from some sociopaths and psychopaths) on their best behavior at all times, relationships could change quite a bit because they would be less damaged and driven by selfish desires or agendas.

We wouldn’t have to worry as much about theft because everyone would know they wouldn’t get away with it, from a spiritual perspective.

Those in need would benefit greatly because charity and the incentive to give would increase dramatically. You would see a lot more unpublicized competitions of who could donate the most to various charities.

Politics would change drastically because the bad eggs on both sides would be forced to set aside their political bias, be honest for a change, and put their country and its people first, rather than their own selfish desires. Corrupt politicians would think twice before looting their country.

Those prone to drug and alcohol abuse or other addictions would have another incentive to abstain, since they wouldn’t want to carry over that problem into future lives and have to work on it again, and again, and again.

You don’t need to believe in reincarnation to be a good person. But if you live your life like it’s true, you’ll help make the world a better place.

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