Reiki meditation will help you to strengthen your ki and clear Reiki channel.

The first meditation with Reiki technique I will introduce is Kenyoku Ho

Kenyoku Ho

Kenyoku – dry bath Ho – method

Kenyoku Ho is a form of energy cleansing called misogi, which is a common Shinto practice which can take on many forms.

In Japanese Reiki, to help move the practitioner into a correct frame of mind and body, Kenyoku Ho is done prior to any energetic practice. This includes hands-on Reiki, Reiki Meditation Precepts, etc. Kenyoku Ho can also be done after performing a Reiki treatment on someone. You can also cleanse your energy field this way after being in unfavorable situation or place.

To begin, as with any Reiki practice, do the six principles in preparation.

These are:

Decide upon the technique that you will be doing. Stand or sit (with back straight). Fix your eyes on the floor in front of you in a soft gaze. Release all tension from your body. Bring your mental focus to the hara (the energy center approximately 3 inches below the navel). Allow the hands to rise in the Gassho (prayer) position.

Now you are ready to begin Kenyoku Ho Reiki Meditation.

Place your right hand flat on the left shoulder at the collarbone/shoulder. Breathe in and on the out breath sweep your right hand diagonally down and across the torso to the right hip and off the body.

In this large sweep the energy from the left shoulder, heart, stomach and liver is cleared.

On the second in-breath, place your left hand flat on the right shoulder at the collarbone/shoulder. Breathe out and sweep the left hand diagonally down and across the torso to the left hip and off the body. With this movement, the energy from the left shoulder, the heart, stomach and spleen is cleared.

Repeat the first step, breathe in and on the out breath, place the right hand on the left shoulder again, repeating the step fully, sweeping down diagonally across the torso to the right hip and off the body.

Take your time with this. Breathe deep each time.

The second half of this Reiki meditation begins by placing your bent left elbow against your side with your left arm extended out in front of you, horizontal to the ground, palm facing upward.

Place your right hand at the top of the left arm, breathe in and on the out breath sweep down the arm through the crook of the elbow and across the palm to the fingertips and off the hands.

Repeat this action with the other arm. To finish this technique, once again repeat this action, this time sweeping the left arm again.

Bring your hands into the Gassho position.

You have finished Kenyoku Ho Reiki meditation.

Joshin Kokyu Ho Reiki meditation

Joshin – focusing the mind Kokyu – breath, respiration Ho - method

Joshin Kokyu Ho is a single pointed Reiki meditation. Its focus is to use the breath to direct Ki to sense and develop the hara. There may be many physical, energetic and/or emotional responses to this meditation. These responses are not the goal of this practice but mere side effects. This Reiki meditation should be taken further than these responses if possible.

Take your time with this practice. It is generally advised to practice this meditation for six months to a year before moving on to the next one. A daily routine is most helpful in this and all Reiki practices, if possible.

Before beginning this meditation, practice the six principles and then do Kenyoku Ho (dry bathing).

Once you are ready, place your hands on your knees with the palms facing upwards. Begin by breathing in through the nose. The Ki travels with the breath.

Bring the breath down through the body to the hara and fill it with energy. On the out breath, expand the energy out through your body in all directions, out through the skin, expanding the energy out into your surroundings.

Continue breathing in through the nose, down to the hara and then expanding the Ki out through the body on the out breath. Breathe deeply but do not try to force the breath.

Do this meditation meditation with Reiki for five minutes or as long as you like. If you begin to feel dizzy, then stop the meditation and try again another time.

You may very well need to build up to this meditation meditation with Reiki, a little at a time.

When you are finished, bring your hands up into the Gassho position.

You are finished with Joshin Kokyu Ho.

Traditional Hatsurei Ho

Hatsu – to generate Rei – spirit Ho – method

The purpose of Hatsurei Ho is to generate greater amounts of Ki in the body. It is not specifically a breathing technique but rather a single pointed meditation using words.

Recitations of the Usui Precepts are appropriate. Japanese practitioners originally recited poetry of the Meiji Emperor, called waka. You may choose a favorite poem, meaningful verse, visualization, etc.

To begin, sit comfortably with back straight. Do the six principles; then Kenyoku Ho (dry bathing).

Bring the hands into Gassho position.

The objective is to gather Ki from the heart and bring it into the palms of the hands. Hold the hands together lightly without using force.

Continue to focus on bringing Ki from the heart into the hands. This Ki movement naturally follows the movement of the breath.

The next step is to unify and purify the mind with the recitation of your chosen words, poem, Precepts, etc. The goal is to feel at one with the true essence of the words.

A poem that might be interesting is from the notebook of Mikao Usui:

Like stars, mists and candle flames Mirages, dewdrops and water bubbles Like dreams, lightning and clouds. In that way I will view all existence.

Keep your hands in the Gassho position throughout this meditation.

This technique may be practiced from five minutes to as long as you like. You may notice a tingling sensation or building warmth in your hands. This is the natural result of the meditation practice.

Author's Bio: 

I was born and raised in a mighty Soviet Union. Wow, what time does to us. My country does not even exist anymore. Life seems so long that I wonder if it all happened to me in one life time.

The first teacher who had an enormous influence on me and taught me love, compassion, and feminine wisdom was my mother, Assa Chizhik. My mom was an incredibly successful woman, both at her career, and her family. She taught me the feminine wisdom of happy relationships. She also set an example of achieving great outwardly success and overcoming adversities with feminine grace and integrity while having fun all along the way. Looking back, I can see now she has always been an embodiment of the Sacred Luna, a powerful feminine energy. Oh, no, she didn’t have it easy, trust me, she had me. I was always rebelling. I inherited the stubbornness of my father and idealistic tendencies of my maternal Jewish grandfather who was a devoted communist that always rebelled against his Rabbi father. Somehow, between the partying, poetry, and the theater, I managed to graduate university and earn my Master Degree in Russian Language and Literature, taught literature at College, and worked at the state hospital as a massage therapist.

I still can’t answer the question so many ask me. Why did I move to United States? Out of boredom, seeking an adventure, or was it a destiny?

After few years of struggling, learning new language and custom, working odd jobs, I finally adjusted to my new country. Yet, something was missing. When I grew closer to my forties my fear of growing old made me question my life, the usual, how little I achieved, how I wasted my life...

In search for the meaning of life, I traveled and studied healing and spirituality with many wonderful teachers.

One of my favorite teachers is Drunvalo Melchizedek. He taught me to open my heart.

I earned my first Reiki Degree from a wonderful traditional Reiki Master, Terry Rogers. Although I had no confidence in myself, I was amazed by the incredible relief this new energy flowing through my hands brought to my loved ones when they were in pain. So I went back and received a second degree attunement. The more people I got to put my hands on, the more wonderful results I saw. I witness many healing miracles. By then I knew, I wasn’t the one doing healing. I let Divine energy flow through me. I became a Master Reiki and feel honored to share Reiki with others through healings and attunements.

Amrit Desai, my guru, helped me to activate my prana and taught me to live in the moment. A powerful current of prana, or Holy Spirit, opened up a cascade of creativity and my life became an amazing flow.

I was overwhelmed with the urge to lead Goddess Awakening classes after watching my female friends and clients suffer from low self esteem, anxieties, broken relationships, miserable marriages, and loneliness. I saw how disconnected they were from the feminine power that lives within every woman. I realized that simple but powerful female wisdom and knowledge about feminine energy was lost and forgotten in the modern western world. It is such a joy to watch women stepping in their Goddess power and blossoming again!

I continue to study healing arts, I love it! Healing is a natural high for me. During the healing session, I feel euphoria and frankly don’t know who benefits more, the person receiving healing or myself.

I thank all my teachers, everyone I’ve ever treated and those who are yet to come for letting me experience the bliss like no other!