Reiki is such a good modality to use in a practice. It not only relieves stress and eases pain but it does so much more. When I use Reiki depending what I am guided to do I use pressure points and some massage on the meridians. I remember when I first had graduated years ago and started to get several people with cancer. I was afraid to work on cancer patients because of everything we learned in school so I wouldn’t do massage on the clients but would offer Reiki. At that point after they screamed and yelled at me even on the table as I did Reiki they started to calm down and afterwards I remember this man who just found out that he had prostate cancer. He cried on my table and after he came out he said thank you, you have the hands of an angel. That made me feel good. He didn’t know that their were angels their along with other guides that I work with.

What I didn’t do back then I do now. I have learned so much over the years and I have also experimented with different ways of massaging and found that simple techniques actually work better than trigger point work depending the area and what I am working on. I now do work on cancer patients and I either do massage or what they do love and works really well is the Raindrop Technique. I really like to use that on cancer patients along with Reiki. I also find that Reiki works amazingly on autistic children. It takes a while sometimes but they do calm down. The best thing is that you connect to that child and are able to understand what is frustrating them and what they are feeling and want to say. Then I work with the parents explaining what the child wants and how they can work together but the child is included in the conversation. Autistic children understand more than what you think. Never underestimate their intelligence.

Pets love Reiki and massage. When I feel something in a pet I start to do Reiki. They will just lie there and if I go to stop before they are ready they come right back to your hand. Watch your pet near someone who has Reiki. At the Veterinary Clinic that I was working at the worst patients were cats. Some dogs but cats they just don’t like the vet office at all. They will bite, scratch, try to run back into their crate that you had to fight to get them in, in the first place.

When they were placed on the exam table I would open my arms and they would curl up and I had to bend over them and they would hide their head on my chest or arm. They cuddled so close. I helped keep them calm. Sometimes I was the only one that was able to take the temperature and weigh them because they wouldn’t let the doctor near them. They felt safe with me.

When pets have something going on with them they will take as much energy as they want. You will know when they are done they will get up and leave. Some pets will stay for 2 minutes and others might stay for 2 hours or more depending what they need.

In hospitals they have Reiki volunteers that work on cancer patients after chemo treatments to ease the nauseousness that they get afterwards.

There are many articles on what Reiki can do and it is amazing at many things that it can do for not only yourself but for others. Energy is a very powerful tool to use for many things, such as, healing people, healing pain, growing spiritually, calming children, adults and pets, I use it at times on the road to protect drivers from the lunatic drivers.

Some people want to learn Reiki and others would just rather go to someone who does it. If you wish to learn Reiki make sure that you research your teachers make sure that they have learned from a good source and not just going by the book and had never taken a course before. I know some people who read a book and then go to teach it to others not understanding the full content of the information. The attunements open your chakras so the energy can come through to do the work. If someone has not taken a course they will be unable to open your channel especially if they don’t understand what it all means. So always do research. For those who want to find a Practitioner it is easy and there are many Practitioners and Masters around. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and in my classes I actually get the books from where I had learned Reiki. I teach everything my teacher has taught us plus add a couple of other techniques into the class.

Everyone teaches differently. If you have Reiki already and want a refresher you can go to any Master Teacher class for a small fee or free. You should not be charged the full amount for the class you have already taken. If you have gone to someone who teaches from a book and not a real Reiki Teacher then you would have to pay full price because your actually taking the class and getting the attunement and much more.

Author's Bio: 

Jeanette Costa is an herbal practioner and specializes in medical massage.

She has been doing medical massage for over 8 years for people who have back pain, carpal tunnel, sports injuries, frozen shoulder or other pain issues. Her goal is to get you better so you don’t need to keep coming back. If you have Flexible Spending Account you will get reimbursed for any alternative healing you choose to do. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for medical massage. Jeanette works with people who are usually involved in physical activities. Soccer, hockey, running, personal training, etc.

She also has meditation circles. She has been teaching for 15 years. Her goal is to show you how to use techniques so you may use it in your everyday life to help you release stress, to listen and feel your body to know when something isn’t right. You will learn to connect mind, body and spirit.