Natural healing methods mostly use herbs and natural remedies to heal the patient. Everybody wishes a stress free and healthy life. That’s why people adapt natural healing methods. There are uncountable numbers of herbs and procedures being used in present day Holistic healing.

Reiki is an important technique which is used to relieve tension. Ages ago people used Reiki to enjoy stress free lives. Besides playing an important part in relieving tension, Reiki was used to treat physical diseases too. It played a vital role in natural healing methods by providing peace to one’s mind. Today Reiki is still regarded as an important procedure as it was centuries ago.

Before discussing the derivation of Reiki, let us find the principle behind using it. Reiki works on the principle that each human body has some life force energy. This energy varies and can be more or less depending upon each individual. A person having high life force energy tends to get fewer attacks by diseases. On the other hand, a person with less energy will be more disease prone. If any two persons get in contact, they are able to radiate that energy.

The meaning of Reiki combines two words Rei and Ki. Rei symbolizes the power of almighty God and Ki means the energy of each person i.e. the life Force energy. First person to use Reiki was Mikao Usui in 1922. He got the idea of using this technique in a Buddhist training course which was held in Mount Kurama. Mikao claimed to have great Chakra which helped him in the invention of this technique. He offered his life force energy to other people and taught them about this technique. This led to large number of Reiki teachers who then taught it to common people. That’s how the technique of Reiki was formed.

Two sub methods of Reiki are Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki. Japanese Reiki is further divided into two more forms. Both of them use traditional methods originally derived from Mikao Usui and Rhoyo Gakkai. Western Reiki is also subdivided into many forms. Western method of Reiki has introduced certain concept making it different from the traditional one. Also some of their techniques differ from the Japanese Reiki.

The basic working of Reiki is derived from the research years ago. The practitioners believe that there is some life force in human body that keeps it alive. This life force has a flow which is within the body in the form of Chakra, Meridians and Nadis. This life force has a direct relationship with healthy mind and body.

It’s some sort of spiritual force that affects the functioning of the body. When a person is feeling low, this life force within the body affects the mind and organs of body; thus making it ill. The benefit attached with using the Reiki Technique is that it does have any side effects.

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