Hands that Wield Power: A Beginner’s Guide to Reiki

My grandfather had been a postmaster for nearly 40 years before he retired. They say the strains of the best work usually appear later, and that’s exactly what happened: he developed a serious heart disease and a number of side effects; ranging from stomach problems to poor immunity. By the time he was sixty, his body had prompted him to retire before his mind had intended to. Now, my grandfather was what you would call a modern man. In an age when men insisted girls should stay at home and resign to take care of children, he practically pushed his wife to greater levels of career success and cheered her on when she became the high school principal. He had a distinct faith in science and technology. But his sense of rationality did not cause him to neglect worldly wisdom. He was a very open minded man. So when he realized his health was slowly failing earlier than expected, he turned to two forms of medicine- Modern medicine and Reiki healing.

At first, he only tried medical professionals. Over a period of time it did not seem to improve his condition by a large scale. My grandfather, who was very intuitive and spiritually sensitive, felt that his energies were not balanced. He felt that the real reason he had so many physical conditions was because there was an overwhelming anxiety chaining his body down. Modern medicine could do wonders, but he needed an additional method.

He found out about Reiki healing in his town. He bought a few books and uncovered the purpose of Reiki healing- Reiki healing was an ancient Japanese technique and involved transfer of life energy- or Ki- through hand movements. What astonished my grandfather was the fact that Reiki healing could be taught.

Curious, he approached a Reiki healer and confessed his problems. Over the period of two weeks, by investing a few hours every day, the skill of wielding Ki was transferred to my grandfather through his healer.

My grandfather was taught to heal himself, and in the process managed to cure his heart disease. He was not a Reiki master, nor was he spiritually superior in any way. Reiki training was just like any other skill, and anybody could learn it.

How Reiki Started

The concept of Reiki was discovered by the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It is said that through 21 days of fasting, self discipline and prayer, Usui discovered that a person can tap into the universe’s energy through himself, and use that energy to ease out different ailments.

The very word Reiki has an etymology that helps us understand it’s true meaning: “Rei” means “God’s wisdom” and “Ki” means energy of the universe. Ki also refers to feelings and spiritual energy.

How Reiki Works

Reiki healers acknowledge that every person has a reservoir of spiritual energy. This energy by itself need not be used to heal- instead, this energy works as a medium between the physical self and the universe’s energy.

A Reiki healer will ask you to lie down in a comfortable position. Using hand movements that he is taught by his master, he will transfer his Reiki to his patient’s body. This generally lasts 1-3 hours, depending on how serious the illness is. During the transfer of Reiki, the patient will feel very relaxed. His body can feel the new supply of energy. The head, stomach and feet are supplied with energy and the tensions of the body slowly dissolve. After the session has ended, the patient tends to feel vibrant and refreshed.

The process of transferring the ability to use Reiki is transferred from master to patient and this process is called attunement. During attunement, patients usually drift off to an unconscious state and almost transcend to the spiritual realm. Reiki even enables mystical visions in some spiritually sensitive people.

Taking Precautions

You must always be careful of approaching possible fraudulent healers. Many people with no training claim to be able to transfer Reiki. A genuine Reiki healer should have had at least a few years of experience and a few patients to his credit.

Reiki is a terrific concept and can leave you energized. The experience leaves many people feeling reborn and positive. Some people see better results when they combine minimal medication and Reiki healing. It’s important to look out for great holistic techniques that could significantly improve the quality of your medical treatment.

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