Your parents appreciate your achievement at work & your home is heaven for you. You are being forced into marriage against your wish & the same parents become hell for you. The family in both cases is the same but the way we see it differs due to the state our being is in.

Here the home is the reality but our perceptions of the home are the relative illusions. Till now my soul had borne the things my conditioning did to escape from the purpose of my birth.

Awakens My Higher Self
My parents stopped me from buying murti’s of Gods as gifts and forced to buy more manly things like guns, cars, etc… You see we all appreciate a genius but as long as our children take care of us.

If the child’s path takes him away from us we block the path or the development of the child. But The Creator has His Ways of punishing people who stop His Instruments from doing their work. Papa fell sick and was hospitalized. I did Namyoho Chanting for a while and realized that I will do whatever awakens my higher self.

Reiki Grandmaster
I went on to become a Reiki Grandmaster. I had been seeing symbols since my first ever Reiki Healing Sessions. In the first Reiki healing session, I experienced the opening of all my chakras—I saw lotus flowers open one by one holding several images in them. Ever since doing the Advanced Level of Reiki Healing, I would see the primary symbols in distorted forms.

Master Healer Course
Now I realize it showed the energies were changing as per my maternal grandfather’s health, which was the subject of my healing. After doing the Master Healer Course, unknown symbols would appear to me and I would hear chants I had never heard before.

reiki master healer course
Reiki Master
After becoming a Reiki Master, I would see lots of symbols floating in the air. During the Reiki Grandmaster, I learned the healing attunements that had helped me a lot in the last three to four months. The learning at the end of the whole Reiki journey up to now was that there was something special about me.

Destiny had forced me to move from not being formally trained in healing to becoming a Reiki Grandmaster in less than a year. It has been 13 years now. Reiki opened me to the world of professional spirituality.

Guruji has always believed in being a spiritual professional rather than a professional spiritual. When we are the professional spiritual person we do the most abhorrent acts in the name of God and earning.

Yogi Buddhadeva
Yogi Buddhadeva has taught all his students to be spiritually professional because of course, earning is important but not at the cost of your principles. Because of the guidance of such an experienced mystic I have developed into an encyclopedia of human potential development myself.

Yogi Buddhadeva
Whosoever has had my blessings, has become a king & I am the eternal king-maker who will give the world the best spiritual talent it has ever seen for many ages to come as an incarnation or simply as the energy called by the name—KALKI RATNA(The higher reality within me ).

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