The goal of rehabilitation is to enable people with MS to maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels. Rehabilitation specialists provide education and treatment regarding your health and general conditioning, symptoms management and how you may feel and function at your best- at home and at work.
Types of rehabilitation therapies For multiple sclerosis :
a) Physical therapy:
The physical therapist evaluates and helps to improve the body’s ability to move and function, with particular emphasis on walking, strength, balance, posture, fatigue and pain. Physical therapy includes stretching and strengthening exercises. The ultimate aim is to achieve and maintain optimal functioning and prevent unnecessary complications such as immobility, weakness, muscle contractures related to spasticity.
b) Occupational therapy:
The main aim of occupational therapy is to enhance independence, productivity and safety in all activities related to personal care, employment and free time activities. They provide training in using techniques to conserve energy, to use tools and devices to manage and simplify day to day tasks at home and in the office. They recommend strategic modifications to the home and workplace to ensure accessibility and convenience. Occupational therapists also treat problems with thinking and memory.
c) Therapy for speech and swallowing problems:
The speech/language pathologist helps to treat problems with speech or swallowing.
The aim is to enhance ease and clarity of communication and safe swallowing and promoting overall health. Some speech/language pathologists evaluate and treat problems with thinking and memory.
d) Cognitive rehabilitation: These professionals use different evaluation and treatment techniques to optimize person’s functionality if cognitive changes are experienced.
e) Vocational rehabilitation:
Vocational rehabilitation programs offer job training, job coaching, job placement assistance; mobility training and technology assessments with the aim of helping people to maintain their current employment or to find new employment that fulfill their needs.

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