Meditation is the process of creating a state of heightened Awareness and focused attention. Although some people misconstrue meditation, it is, however, about training to have a healthy sense of judgment and perspective. There are several techniques involved in attaining the real state of meditation.  However, the Stillness of Non-judgment Awareness is the perfect mode of meditation that offers immense benefits. 

Studies have shown that meditation has physical, emotional, and mental benefits. As a result, people can depend on meditation to reduce anxiety and depression, trust meditation to prevent heart disease. In addition, it is believed that meditation helps to lose body fat naturally. 


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation offers several benefits, and here are some of what to expect if you wish to meditate correctly.  


1. Improved Focus and Concentration

The first benefit of mediation is that it improves focus and concentration. You will have a clear perspective of issues, as your focus and concentration are not impaired.  


2. Reduced Stress

You can engage in meditation to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as stress. The Stillness of Non-judgmental Awareness helps to feel more relaxed and overcome stress.  


3. Manage Anxiety or Depression

Another significant benefit is that people can reduce anxiety and depression. According to researches, Stillness Non-judgmental Awareness trains the mind to neglect thoughts that trigger anxiety and fuel depression. Persons with anxiety or depression can overcome issues like loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, and low mood. 


4. Loss of Fat

Meditation helps to lose body fat naturally, which eventually promotes weight loss. As a result, persons trying to lose weight can resort to meditation to fast-track their weight loss. Meditation offers several benefits more than what can be captured on these pages. 


5. Be More Loving and Kind

Meditation helps to learn kindness and show empathy for people. It clears up the mind and allows better interaction, a judgement of issues and tolerance to co-exist with people and be kind to them.


How to Meditate 

According to Doctor Integralist Biprajit Parbat, “The basics of meditation that can take you far and help you to clear your mind is to practice Stillness of Non-judgmental Awareness (S.N.A.). Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Avoid distractions and relax. Now all you have to do is just observe your breath. The thoughts will come and go. Some thoughts may able to capture your attention and makes you run behind it. If that happens – just bring back your attention to your breath. Do not judge yourself or any of your thoughts. It is just you, your breath, and the Stillness. The thoughts will come and go before your non-judgmental awareness. This is how you can achieve S.N.A. – the simplest form of meditation.”

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Matt Wilson is a Motivational Speaker, Technology Enthusiast, Health Freak, and a Proud Father!