Life in your 20s is full of experiences & Ups and Downs. But this is the years on which the future of us depends. Though the 20s are the toughest time of our life, But still it needs to live fully.

As life offers many new things in 20s, we have to seek that opportunity and enjoy it, that’s it. There will be only regretted in later life if we are not making the experiences we could make in times.

You are dedicated to your life & goals. Great, but don’t forget to enjoy the Life in trying to make it better, or else that’ll regret for living life.

Regret for wasting too much time
In 20s, A time spent in the things that don’t add value to your life is wasted. You may find many examples around you, who have regret wasting so much time when they have. Make sure you utilize your time well, in developing yourself.

Regret of staying in a Toxic relationship
No matter how much loyal you stayed in the relationship, but when you are with the wrong one. You end up feeling yourself incomplete in life & demotivated. Leave that bad relationship in which only you giving your time & love, and receiving only regrets. When you are with the right one, you don’t need to prove your love to them, all the time.

The 20s are no only time for living with regret, it about to develop yourself, as well. At the end you have to know how to control thoughts and feelings ,before saying a words that may damage the relationship and life of other.

Regret for not make time for family
Agree, that your time is limited & Aims are high in 20s. But in the end, we need to understand that all these things we are doing for us, for our family. So it's required to take some break from it and spending quality time with the family.

Because family is the one who always stays with us.
Regret for not valuing money
In later life, you’ll regret wasting too much money, that you could save or invest. You will regret not making and following your budget for a month. But instead of that, you spend it, as you earned it, in 20s. We need to find the difference between our desires & needs, and that will result in our money being spent wisely.

Focus for the long term future from now and ways to achieve financial security for the coming years.

Regret for being in the wrong company
20s are the time in which you meeting with many peoples. Positive minds and negative ones. And the fact is, people tend to be with a bad company more. Because they found entertainments there, and the positive group seems boring to them.

There are many things beyond the entertainment, but you choose to yourself being entertained, rather than being inspired.

Regret for not taking a risk
You have regret for the lifetime for the opportunity you missed and a chance you haven’t taken. Your 20s are the time to explore, time to do something bold, to do something Great.

But you prefer to stay in your comfort zones and do the things in your control. This will cost you regret in later life, that you hadn’t taken a tough decision when you have to.

Regret for staying in a Hateful job
You want money to meet your daily expenses and for your family’s as well. And for that, you have taken the job, Right. But you have only concern for the earning money anyhow, instead of looking at your personal interest.
Most of the 30s have regret for doing the work which they weren’t want to. They have no chance, but you have.

Be free in life and do the things what you like to do.

Regret for work for money, instead of for skills
You take a job as per how much you earn, not as per how much you learn. And that’s the reason, you are still found yourself running here & there for the money. In 20s time, your ultimate goal has to be to the learning, and earning is secondary. Because we need to learn so many things from work.

Invest your 20s in acquiring a skills-set, instead of just making money anyhow.

As far as you learning, there’s no need for looking at How much you earning.

Regret for not taking health seriously
In the process of making more money and fulfill own desires, you haven’t look at day & night, and not even taking care of your own, too. Not taking health seriously will cost high medical bills and regret in 20s life. Spend time in making yourself mentally & physically strong, because all that’s last long and give strength to overcome challenges in life later on.

Regret for not enjoying life
Though 20s are the toughest & challenging time for all of us, after all, it is a faze. A faze of life we have to learn more, explore more. We end up regret in our late 20s if we do not enjoy this time of being in our 20s.

Because we are so busy making money, that we forget we have a life to enjoy. Life is given to us to enjoy, not to scare us. Indeed we have to run all the time in life, But take a moment and Spend time in the things you like, Spend time with the family you love. That’s what life wants you to do.

Don’t forget to Live a Life, In process to make it Better.

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Ketan, a 20s guy a Life blogger at Monk at 25. Writing mostly about life lesson in 20s , career, Relationship also sharing own experiences. Having aim to deliver a feel good blogs to his readers and make a positive impact in their life.