Keeping your refrigerator in good shape can help increase the life span of your appliance, and also help cut down on energy. In this article I will explain how to properly clean your refrigerator. Keep in mind that this only needs to be done every six months, but if you have pets you should clean it every three months. The tools you might need are: a coil-cleaning brush or vacuum, a sponge, and some all-purpose cleaner.

The first things to clean are the condenser coils. These coils collect dust and pet hair naturally, and the dustier they are, the less efficient your refrigerator will run. If the coils are located on the back of your refrigerator you will need to pull it out from the wall to access them, and you should also unplug your machine before you start cleaning. Once it is pulled out from the wall, all you need to do is dust the coils with a specially made coil cleaning brush, a broom, or a vacuum. If your coils are located underneath, you will have to remove the bottom grill, and dust off the coils like I just explained.

Next, you should clean out the drip pan and drain hole. Frost-free refrigerators don't need to be manually defrosted, obviously. Instead of having to manually defrost, the uni periodically heats up the cooling coils to remove any frost buildup. The water drains out of the unit using the drain hose, and then it drips onto the drip pan, and is evaporated from there. If your drain hole gets plugged with any debris it could mess up the whole system. Consult your refrigerator instruction manual on how to clean the drain hole properly. To clean the drip pan, just simply remove it, and wash it.

Now, you can plug your refrigerator back in, and push it back to the wall. Next you should check your door seals for any cracks, splits, or tears. If your door seals are damaged it can decrease your refrigerator's efficiency. If you notice any damage, you should think about replacing them. To clean, just wipe them down with a damp sponge and all-purpose cleaner.

Also, if your fridge has water and ice in the door, or an icemaker you probably have a water filter which needs to be checked. You should replace the filter at least every six months or when your owner's manual says it should be replaced.

I hope these refrigerator maintenance tips have been helpful for you. Remember to mark down on your calendar when your scheduled appliance cleaning should be. If you do this your appliances should give you a good run for their money. Visit this site to get more information about

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