When it comes to the weekend getaways, Punekars are the luckiest one. Pune is surrounded by many beautiful green lush weekend getaways. Punekars don’t need to travel miles to feel the true essence of nature.

Let it be a picturesque place, adventurous trekking or peaceful temples, Pune is surrounded by every type of destinations. Let’s see some of the places where you can refresh yourself and escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city:

Torna Fort:

Torna Fort doesn’t need an introduction. Almost every Punekars have either went here for a trek or it is already in their bucket list.
The history of the Torna Fort is important for the locals as it was the first fort captured by the great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
Torna fort is located around 69 km away from Pune which is the most favorite place of the trekking enthusiast and a perfect weekend getaway from and around Pune.

Rajgad Fort:

Rajgad Fort is around 67 km from Pune and 16.2 km from Torna fort. It is among the top tourist places in Pune. You can enjoy and relax with the spectacular views of the Sahyadri mountains from the top point of the Rajgad Fort. Apart from Sahyadri mountains, you can also see Torna and Sinhgad fort.

Sinhagad Fort:

Located around 37 km from Pune, Sinhagad fort is one of the most popular weekend getaways for the people from Pune and surrounding cities. As per Wikipedia, Sinhagad fort was built around 2000 years ago. You can either go there by trekking or by driving; you have both the choice but many people prefer going there trekking as it is not the tough trek and you can see greenery everywhere around the Sinhagad fort.
Sinhagad Fort is just 35 km away from Rajgad Fort which means you can easily do both the trek in your next weekend.

Madhe ghat:

Located around Torna Fort and Rajgad Fort, Madhe ghat is another beautiful and green lush location near Pune. With the beautiful waterfalls and mountains, it is a developing hill station.

Baneshwar Temple:

Baneshwar temple is another spiritual getaway from Pune. As the name suggests, the Baneshwar temple is located in the forest in the Baneshwar village. Baneshwar temple is located around 39.5 km away from Pune.

Visiting each of the above-mentioned getaways is not possible in one single day. You can go for a long weekend with your family and friends. You can stay in any resort or farmhouse. Vishwaved Farms is one of the farmhouses located in Velhe. All these getaways are located nearby this farmhouse.

If you are from Pune and surrounding cities, a staycation at this farmhouse is going to be one of the best vacations with your family or friends as it is best suited for a large group.

Have you visited these places? how was your experience with these beautiful destinations?
If you feel I have missed some of the beautiful weekend destinations which Punekars must visit then write them down below in the comment section.

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