Somebody once told me that the best way to get out of your head is to concentrate on your feet. She then proceeded to talk about a meditation exercise for people with anxiety that suggests that they really think about their feet and how they feel while taking deep breaths. People with anxiety often feel like they can’t turn off their brains and over think everything that is going on in their lives. This technique allows them to take a moment to disconnect so that they can clear their minds.

Foot reflexology can be a great treatment for allowing people to do just this.

My first experience with reflexology was in my massage class. We had one day dedicated to this, to give us a bit of an introduction. I’m not the type to fall asleep during a massage, but there I was receiving my treatment from my classmate when all of a sudden I heard snoring. Hearing this sound brought me back just enough to realize that it was coming from me. Feeling embarrassed to be snoring I tried to fight it but this scenario kept going on as long as my partner was working on me. Is if possible, that me who has a hard time letting go (especially in a classroom full of people) actually completely disconnected from my surroundings and fell asleep? With reflexology, I would have to say yes.

After the treatment I was fully relaxed and decided to go for treatments regularly. I found it most beneficial when I was going through busy periods and had insomnia because the off button on my brain was broken when it was bed time.

When clients would walk into my clinic with anxiety and complaining of an overactive brain that would affect their sleep, I wanted to be able to offer them this service and the relief that comes with it. I decided at this point that I had to go take the class. I have been practicing for a few years now and my clients are as impressed with this treatment as I was. They feel instantly relaxed during the treatment and a majority of them fall asleep. Even those that don’t fall asleep during a massage can’t help it.
The reflexology sessions have an overall benefit on the body and mind, plus I like to take some time to work on certain points that benefit anxiety. Stimulating the head, gonads and solar plexus make for a more targeted treatment.

If you are struggling with anxiety, I strongly recommend reflexology as a good alternative treatment to help you out.

Massage for Anxiety

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