Reflexology and the Healing Pathway - How They Can Help Improve Your Health
Donna Olinik, RCRT

Reflexology and the Healing Pathway are both Natural, Non-Invasive Healing modalities which can help you maintain and/or improve your health and quality of life with regular monthly sessions.

Reflexology works the entire body... every part, gland, and organ, every part of your being... by applying pressure to the reflex points located in the feet, hands or ears. Reflexology helps to reduce your stress and tension; improves your circulation; encourages your body to produce the needed endorphins to bring you a natural healing. Reflexology is proven to have the ability to reduce pain, heal infections, energize you and/or relax you. All this and much more to bring you a quality of life that you not only would love to regain or maintain, but that you deserve!

The Healing Pathway also works the entire body, is non invasive and totally natural! The Healing Pathway works to balance your energy systems. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels are all interconnected and when one level is off kilter, it affects each of the other levels. By channeling God's (the Universal) energy your body is able to find a balance and peace. The Healing Pathway reduces stress and tension, releases energy blockages, reduces pain, and improves your overall health and wellbeing. Various healing techniques are used to assist you with keeping grounded; helping you to find answers you are searching for; filling you with needed energy, back pain relief, any and all small or large life transitions.

When recieving a treatment which combines both Reflexology and The Healing Pathway you receive the best of both worlds. You are gifting yourself with a natural non-invasive healing session which works on your physical being and spiritual being. You will leave the session not only walking on air, but feeling totally uplifted, relaxed and loved.

You are invited to give yourself a gift of healing for the highest good of your soul, mind and body. Make an appointment and pamper yourself! Begin the journey towards the quality of life you deserve today!

God Bless
Donna Olinik, RCRT

Author's Bio: 

I have been interested in Natural Healing for many years and have been practicing The Healing Pathway since 2001 when training first came to the Montreal area. Having personally experienced the power of energy healing after having broken and dislocating my elbow and being told I would never have full use of my arm again, I now have full use and mobility. I have been certified in Reflexology since 2008 and have a growing practice under the name "Soul Of Your Feet". I am enjoying my continuing, ongoing education and continue to explore the natural Healing modalities that call to me.