I enjoy finding something new each week to bring to you.
I love talking about the practical, the technical, the philosophical, but what I love the most are the moments in reflexology that bring me closer to spirit.
I’m sure you know what I mean – when you realize in the midst of your reflexology session, there’s just a quiet calm.
These are very special moments.
It reminds me of when I was an artist – a painter. I still am, but I say, “I used to be an artist” because I haven’t painted a picture for a while.
I remember my favorite part of that creative process – the part I loved the most was when I became one with the moment. And… all strung together they became hours, making it seem like time both stopped and flew by.
I’m sure that’s what kept me painting for almost 25 years. I’m just as sure I’ll return to it someday, but not because I miss those moments.
Let me explain…
I don’t think about feet much when I’m not working on them, but when I start to work on my client’s feet – it occupies my full attention.
I like to tell my students that there are really many layers to a reflexology session. Two of them are:
1) The techniques – and we’ve got the best!
2) The “attention” and “intention” that goes into the session.
When I start my session, I take a moment at the beginning and at the end to” intentionalize” what I want my client to gain from the session.
I usually weave this into the first point I hold– the solar plexus reflex.
Now, we reflexologists know that this is a very intense and powerful reflex point. In fact, I believe that if we could do nothing else, by holding this one point we could help the body in its natural balancing processes… IN A BIG WAY.
So while I’m there for those few seconds, or maybe up to a minute, I let my mind clear and I bring my focus to the table – ATTENTION.
I let my intuition tell me what thoughts to add, if anything, and intend that the reflexology – and safe compassionate touch – is “for my clients highest good” – INTENTION.
Sometimes, a little blessing or a mantra, an image or a sound will emerge and I add it all into the mix.
I’m one of those folks who believe that intention sets up the vibration, or the energy, for the whole session. It can affect us right down to the cellular level…
So, I always want to start from (and, I suggest that you NEVER underestimate the power of) these positive and powerful places – attention and intention.
From the solar plexus point on, the sequence of events that unfolds in a reflexology session are nothing short of miraculous.
Not because anything theatrical is going to happen, but because I will be a witness to the nuances and the changes, the textures and their shifts for the next hour of my life on this planet.
I sometimes think that reflexology, as great a tool as it is, is simply a vehicle for us to be present, fully present… for my client… and, for myself.
It is written into the “stone tablets” of reflexology. BE… PRESENT.
And, what happens when you’re fully present?
It feels to me like I can tap into the whisperings of the universe.
Sometimes I wonder why this occurs – what’s so special about these particular moments? Is it really just the feet? (It happens with the hands, the face and the ears too!)
There’s a level of “conversation” that goes beyond the verbal or even the spoken word. That conversation is a parlay between client and practitioner, indicating that there is support, a deep listening and peaceful rest available.
I find that most clients drink deep from this well.
I think of it as “holding the space for their healing to occur” (or, to continue or, to complete itself…)
This is sacred ground.
As my clients sink deeper and deeper into the layers of relaxation, I sink deeper and deeper into the surface of the skin.
My thumb and finger walking pressures don’t change much, but in my “mind’s eye”, I imagine the layers of tissue that I’m above and making contact with.
Sometimes, I even count the layers… skin, connective tissue, muscle, bone.
As my thumb walks steadily across the surface, every reflex point becomes a world unto itself.
I’ll give you an analogy… from an artist’s perspective.
It’s as if I was walking in a great museum (I like the Guggenheim Museum in New York City), and each reflex point is like a painting.
There’s a slow and steady pace you keep in order to get through all the rooms. Some rooms are covered at a glance, each painting quickly acknowledged and appreciated.
But, some rooms are taken at a much slower pace… and one or 2 paintings simply drawing you in.
There are even places where you stop altogether and just pause… for a moment… or two… struck with awe and wonder at the depth of this point.
Time is suspended.
By being there, by paying attention to what’s before me, I notice that the whole world is in front of me.
I think this quote sums up what I’m saying:
“Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It effects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed.”
– Corita Kent
I’m sure I’ll take up painting again, but for the moment, I’m in no hurry.
©Wendy Coad

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