One of the most common complaints about flying is blocked ears and painful sinuses. This can be exasperated when travelling with a cold or flu.
So how can Reflexology help with this?
Reflexology is based on the theory that the whole body, its structures, glands and organs are 'mapped out' in the form of 'reflexes' on the feet and hands. Massaging and working specific pressure points on the feet or hands can release energy blockages, bring relief to certain symptoms and bring balance to the body. (A professional reflexologist uses specific pressure techniques.)
Reflexology is predominately performed on the feet, but it can also be performed on the hands, which is what we are going to focus on now.
On the reflexology chart or 'map' all the toes and fingers relate to the head, face, eyes, ears, nose, cranial nerves and sinuses. So by massaging all of your fingers you can help relieve sinus congestion and blocked ears.
My suggestion is to start in the departure lounge (or even at home or travelling to the airport if you have a cold or know that you usually suffer on the plane). Find a place where you can sit in comfort, try to relax and massage all of your fingers and thumbs from the base to the tip (this can be very calming in itself). If you find any sensitive areas then pay particular attention to them.
Continue on the plane before and during take off and after if necessary. These simple steps can often have surprisingly good results.
Another suggestion I have is to find a pocket sized Hand Reflexology Chart. These can usually be picked up at alternative bookstores or online. These make excellent bookmarks and also give you the information on hand to help with minor ailments on your travels.

Note; these tips are not a substitute for a full Reflexology treatment where by the whole body is helped back into balance. But are meant as an aid to help with on the spot symptoms.

Author's Bio: 

Adrian Mckeague first studied Reflexology in the UK in 2000.
After moving to Canada in 2003 he continued his studies in Reflexology and Reiki and is now an Advanced Hand and Foot Reflexologist, Crystal Reflexologist and Reiki Master Teacher.
He has a thriving Practice in Ottawa, Canada and teaches Reiki for the School of Complementary Therapies (SCT).
He also writes for the SCT Newsletter.
Adrian can be reached at;
or 613 203 7343