Modernization has brought transformative changes in the marketing and advertising space. With the help of digital signage, companies can achieve much more in significantly less time. Reflect Systems Inc is a digital signage company that helps users create and manage digital experiences that keep people engaged and returning for more.

Demonstrating how Reflect can relieve the retail pain points is Lee Summers, the CEO. His understanding of the industry has helped the company achieve new and bold feats as Reflect has transformed and innovated digital signage under his leadership.

In our endeavor to find “The 10 Most Innovative Companies Revolutionizing Digital Signage,” we at Insights Success a business solutions magazine came across Reflect Systems Inc. We talked with Lee to understand how Reflect has delivered proven increases in promoted product sales and enhanced customer experiences.

Below are the highlights of the interview.

Unfortunately, many enterprise solutions are built for centralized command and control that make local scheduling difficult, while solutions that allow access for many users lack the controls and flexibility needed to meet the needs and scale of enterprise customers. That’s why we created Reflect Xperience – a reimagined way to access our ReflectView digital signage platform. ReflectView has become the standard for scalability, flexibility and performance in enterprise digital signage. 

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