Today's marriages are always faced with challenges that threaten them. There are some very glaring examples of challenges that can break marriages up. We can unanimously put infidelity at the top of this list. Our focus here is to find out where and how infidelity starts. This is the more important matter.

Nobody simply stands up and goes to be unfaithful to their spouse. These things generally start in the mind and then appears in the physical. We can therefore agree that it's important that we understand this fully. We have to find the root cause and face it from there.

Something that is very dangerous to a marriage is emotional affairs. Emotional affairs are seemingly harmless and innocent. Folks think they are really harmless because it's emotional intimacy without a matching physical intimacy. You can't be involved in an emotional affair with a person for a tangible period of time without at some point wanting to have some physical experience. This is why it's wrong. When this occurs, we would be talking about infidelity and people would wonder how this could have happened.

One thing you can start doing is taking a good look at the way your relate with that colleague of yours you enjoy relating with. Do not blow this off with the excuse that only thing you do is talk, call, or text. You need to be honest with yourself and review what you talk about in your mind. Just to be certain, I would ask you a simple question. Would you be happy if your spouse suddenly comes in on your discussion with this individual or reads the text messages you exchange? If in your heart you know that you won't want your spouse anywhere near your discussion or texts then you are probably on the wrong path.

Almost all extramarital affairs begin with someone paying attention to another. This leads to a feeling of appreciation and closeness. This is simply how it all starts and this is what we call emotional affair. If we are more understanding of this and avoid emotional affairs, we would have far less instances of extramarital affairs.

Rather than look for a solution to your marital problems outside of your marriage, try to fix them. As a result of your decision to handle your marriage internally, you would likely not be discussing your marriage challenges with just anybody.

One thing I have to warn here is that even in attempting to fix your marriage, you need to be careful how you go about it. Don't be shocked when you hear me say that some people have in seeking help for their marriage, have innocently been involved in emotional affair and in some instances infidelity.

It has happened that people speak to colleagues about their marriage problems and as these colleagues express their concern, they begin to get intimate. There are lot's of ways that emotional affairs can begin. There is a need for you to be really watchful so you don't fall victim.

When there is a need to talk to someone, your best bet is talking with a certified marriage counselor. You would be consulting a trained personnel and can be certain that you would find the assistance you need.

No matter how it comes, don't let yourself be caught in an emotional affair. Emotional affair is very harmful and results in more troubles.

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