Traveling in an aeroplane or helicopter for your next holiday or business trip? If you are then you probably want to look at reducing the weight of your luggage. Baggage weight allowances are pretty harsh, being the weight allowance will land you with a fine per kilogram, which can work out expensive. What I recommend doing, to decrease the cost of your flight is to package everything you can in to your hand luggage. Only have the one bag and you will be able to travel very lightly, quickly and cheaply. While this method is not practical for all air travellers, when I travel as part of a group we can often reduce down our bags so that half the group only have hand luggage.

With the recent change in airport security you need to ensure you take only permitted items in hand luggage such as liquids your normally only allowed a certain number of millilitres in a clear container, and only a certain number of these, its best to check with the airline before you arrive at the airport, I have had to throw away countless toiletries because I didn't double check with the airport before arrival.

It is advisable to go through all of your stuff before you go and ask yourself what you actually need. Many people go through their bags while on holiday and find half the stuff has never been warn, someone once said "When going on holiday, take half the stuff with you and twice the money". So wise, you will run out of money before you run out of clothing.

Where ever you plan to stay may well supply some of the things you have packed such as towels, linin and toiletries so check before you go. Towels weigh loads and are really bulky, they will certainly take up a large portion of your available luggage space, if you had confiscated any shampoo or conditioner they may well have some complimentary bottles at your accommodation.

Leave some space in your suitcase for additional purchases on holiday, typically take a few outfits, the remainder can be a retail therapy afternoon, a great way to fill your wardrobe with unique fashion all your friends will be envious of.

My final tip is one that might make you laugh, wear all of your heavy and bulky clothing on the flight, pop on a couple of t shirts and your jeans with sweat shirt and your over coat, this will remover so much weight from the bag you wouldn't believe it. You might get a bit hot on the flight and you certainly will be hot if you're going somewhere for a sunshine holiday, you can always take off some of the layers when you're on the plane.

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