Rich in nutrients, compost made in compost bins is a great resource for gardeners looking for ideal plant growing conditions. As well as their ability to turn out beautiful rose gardens, compost bins also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Rather than having your garden waste sent to landfill sites, compost bins see that your green waste is recycled and put to good use.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have compost bins – the fact that many people don’t even have gardens is another issue – and leave unexploited the natural decomposition process that produces natural fertilizer.

Specialising in a great range of innovative compost bins, Potty Innovations are a company who pride themselves on their ability to see gardeners and homeowners across the country make the most of the environment around them.

The HotBins from Potty Innovations are aerobic compost bins that allow for the recycling a large amount of food waste in a shorter period of time than other compost bins. These HotBin compost bins work by heating the matter to a temperature of around 40 to 60 degrees – a temperature most conducive to organic decomposition.

Sophisticated in their designs, the compost bins from Potty Innovations aren’t your average waste bin, and boast a number of innovative features that make them more suited to their function. With a built-in bio-filter and thick, solid walls, the compost bins also feature a sealable hatch and a hinged lid that work to reduce a number of common composting problems, like flies.

With a range of compost bins to suit all budgets and waste disposal requirements, Potty Innovations make sure that their products enjoy a more widespread adoption than have previous compost bin products.

To find out more about Potty Innovations and to check out their entire range of compost bins, visit them online today and make sure that you have the most suitable and carefully designed receptacles that’ll see your composting endeavours succeed.

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