In this current situation, many business companies hire some carrier services such as Fedex, DHL and UPS to deliver their products to customers. But these delivery services sometimes implement inappropriate bills and charges on the companies for their personal profits which are not bearable for them. These carriers take almost 10% of earning of the entrepreneurs. Many enterprises become worried to solve these types of problems and hire some experienced and intelligent freight auditors.

The chief job of freight audit services is to examine, regulate ad verify the freight bills for accuracy. They properly analyze the bills. If there any error verified, they negotiate with carrier services and issue the new invoice to business companies. These freight auditing freelances have special legal software and tools to examine the invoices.

In this era, these kinds of decisions are so much crucial to save the large amount of money. Betachon is a trusted company in US, who provide freight invoice audits to many renowned companies. They help you to reduce your financial stress by taking responsibility of shipments for Fedex and UPS. The best thing is that they only take money from you in case you save the money from the bills.

The working procedure of Betachon is not so complicated. You just have to create an account in their application and your work will start. They are different from other companies because do not take any monthly fee, upfront cost or signing-up fee.

Advantages of hiring Betachon as your freight audit:

  • You can save thousand dollars on delivery costs
  • They take only less time in analyzing and monitoring of your business. Thus they save your valuable time.
  • You can cancel their account anytime without any penalty.
  • They provide you all the shipment data and report on your dashboard after proper scanning and study.
  • They secure your whole financial data due to working with many large companies and government agencies.
  • They keep updating you on your account about any improvement and fluctuations in your data.

Controlling, maintaining and sustaining of your freight audits cost is so much vital decision for all. The best thing about freight auditing services is they have links with shipment carriers from long time which indirectly help you in cutting down your shipment costs. Many business companies pack uncountable products to transport from their place to the customer’s destination. Transportation systems are so much essential to popularize your business and boost your sales all over the nation. But, you always try to save money and time in delivery to further spend that money in manufacturing more products.

For this reason, freight invoice audits verification is always an excellent way.

To know more about the services of Betachon in detail, you can visit their official website.

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