I have already written an article about the importance of drinking fresh tap water instead of carbonated and fruit drinks. The main reason for this is because you are only drinking calories made up of sugar, which has no value to your body, except leaving behind acidic ions.

If you are obese, then drinking anything acidic will not help your obesity, as the positive hydrogen from the carbonation process will just be stored in your fat tissues around your body.

It will then make it more difficult to lose weight.

How do you stop this process from happening? Stop drinking acidic drinks, such as carbonated soda drinks, canned or boxed fruit juices and bottled water (which is NOT neutral tap water and therefore acidic!).

Your safest drink that gives your body what it needs is simple tap water. Tap water is neutral, being neither alkaline, nor acidic at 7.5. Your body functions between 7.3 and 7.8. Neutral water is exactly what your body needs for replenishing the fluids in your body.

To help you lose fat with obesity you need to drink purely alkaline water for 2 weeks and you will feel the fat cells begin to reduce, almost immediately on your body. However, in order to do this, you have to drink nothing else for 2 weeks, except alkaline water.

This may be a very tough challenge to make, because if you don't stop drinking acidic drinks; then all the alkaline water will be doing, is neutralizing all the acidity from your acidic drinks and nothing else.

How can you survive without any acidic drinks? Well, you are going to be very thirsty if you stop drinking. So when you get to the point of desperately wanting to drink, then open up your portable ionized water container and drink all of the contents. You will be so thirsty and your body will like the water and will constantly want to drink more, until your thirst is satisfied.

You will find an immediate satisfaction from drinking the ionized water, because the negative ions will capture all the loose positive hydrogen ions wandering in your body. Your body will love this drink and you won't want to drink anything else (unless you pass a pop or coffee machine) Then you need will power or visualization techniques, that will make you pass by these tormenters.

Visualize the coffee as black tar coming out of the coffee pot and imagine how damaging this will be to your body, so that should prevent you from wanting any; even try to create a distaste to the smell, instead of enjoying that comfortable aroma. When passing a pop machine imagine the pop to be explosives in a can or a plastic bottle, which would explode in your body! It should provide a negative warning not to drink it.

Carrying a portable ionizer around with you, means that you can drink the water any time and feel the immediate effects; before you invest a lot of money on the bigger machine, which attaches to your kitchen taps, making carrying it time-consuming in planning.

To understand the Chemistry of Alkaline water, you need to read my other article about the healing properties of water, which explains how the positive ions neutralize the loose hydrogen ions in your body. This process is immediate and will accelerate weight loss, providing you eliminate acidic drinks completely.

I am developing an E-book for you, so you will be able to read more about Alkaline and Acidic Foods, that will make your weight loss become more efficient.

Weight loss in obesity is undoubtedly your ultimate goal, but it will not be a quick fix to losing weight. I cannot admit to being obese, overweight yes. I did become very sick, from trying to lose weight fast and I warn you that this is the wrong way to focus on obesity.

It is a lifestyle change you want, because you will enjoy the change. You will feel happy that you have made the change, because you are losing weight and you have found it not difficult once you have made the change. It is all in accepting the change and moving forward with support of people who believe that you can do it!

As an aging baby boomer, I have realized that "you are what you eat and drink"! My goal was and is to live a long, healthy and active life; for as long as possible, without the need for any government help from the government. I can live my own life, without any direction from anyone else.

I drink alkaline water, because it has cured the pain from osteoarthritis in both hand joints, in order to keep me active for cycling. I ride a bicycle for transportation in Vancouver; because it has cured the congenital scoliosis in my back with a leg length discrepancy. The cycling keeps me fit, active and my weight down; while saving me money, from not using a vehicle.

Starting a business has released me from the negative expectations of paid employment when having brain injury deficits. It allows me function autonomously in order to offer my knowledge and experience to other people; who may see the benefits for themselves and also want to achieve an active, pain-free and participatory quality of life, as they also age. No one else is going to look after you, if you don't look after yourself - except the government eventually!

Author's Bio: 

The author Gail McGonigal is a qualified Occupational Therapist who has a company called Active Living Solutions Ltd. She has used her professional skills to create a new niche market in comfortable, ergonomic daily living products that aim to help people overcome functional mobility deficits with chronic problems such as pain and obesity. Gail's E-book will help you understand about Ergonomic chairs before you go ahead and purchase one. http://www.activelivingsolutions.net/page/410470202

Gail offers a free 'Therapeutic Active Living Program' with each chair that she sells, because she understands the help that you need with her professional skills. Included in the package is a toll-free number that will provide you with personal guidance from Gail, should you need it.

Gail uses the products that she sells and truly believes they are the answer to living an active, pain-free and independent-functioning lifestyle as a baby boomer. Gail attributes the Alkaline ionized water http://www.activelivingsolutions.net/healing-water to a huge positive change in her functional independence and active lifestyle. Gail no longer minds the sacrifices of limiting acidity that she now drinks; because it is part of her renewed active lifestyle that she regained back.