"When there is no passion - there is no life!
There might be wood - for stability; there might be heat - for comfort - but it is all static,
vapid, - just existence.
Passion is needed!
to light the fire, to cause the fusion, - explosion?!
Transformation - motion - change - towards ecstasy, fulfillment." Tamara.M

What happens when the passion wanes and one is left feeling in a state of limbo, the unknown and a feeling of void prevails? Do we become afraid and start asking if something is wrong? Do we seek ways to busy ourselves and find a way to rekindle "what was" that worked to ignite us in the past? Do we become fearful that maybe we are just not trying hard enough and we better "do more" in order to "make it happen" ... or else ... we might never be inspired again!?!

No, simply put, we get really, really quiet. What that means is we remove from our environment, the distractions that keep us outside of ourselves, those intrusions that keep us just far enough away from the internal voices that speak to us, guide and support us to make the best choices on our path. We sit with ourselves in a way that is gentle, kind, supportive and curious, like a child watching an insect - and we listen, patiently. And we listen some more, until an internal nudge occurs, awakening us to a system of great power, insight and guidance. A system that if we were to respect "it" would always direct us to the best course of "action" in the present time.

But instead, we busy ourselves and do, do, do. We rush to get things done. We plan on what we will be doing in the future. We are always just ahead of our present existence, looking for the next steps, path, route, because we want to appear to have our lives in control, and to look successful. And we have all been conditioned to believe that anyone who is someone always knows where they are going and has mapped out their route long ago ... right?!

Well, how happy are these "successful" individuals? Truly, I mean to the core of their being? If we are not present for the journey, feeling it, seeing it, tasting, touching, smelling and Being on the journey as the journey beautifully unfolds - directed by this incredible inner Sage, then what is the purpose? Is it to say that in the end you accomplished ..... (we will all have different measures of success to insert here .... ) and yet you can't really recall "how" you got to where you are??

Personally, this is how my last 8 years feels. I have successfully raised 2 sons on my own, ran a business that had depth, integrity, human/spiritual value, was autonomous and have been blessed to travel the world studying, learning and growing. However, the journey was such a blur that I really have to say that most of 2010/11 had me deeply saddened and aching to be a part of something much more significant - such as my own awakening, awareness and sense of inner connection and peace. The personas, roles, obligations, expectations and agendas totally and completely burnt me out and left me feeling thread bare, and ultimately and thankfully shattered.

So to express gratitude for feeling shattered might seem unusual, but not at all! I finally was in a place where there was very little left of Me/Lana, and what was left was the essence of what I was. Now, I am blessed to be in a space where I have unplugged from most of the previous "commitments" that I had to my community, my sons are needing me in very different ways (more as a good listener) and my life suddenly feels quite quiet, peaceful and gentle. My thoughts are clear, with the inner knowing to listen for direction coming thru very loud and clear.

This blessing of getting to "be" has opened up for me a portal to the world, and its infinite possibilities. I am the artist of my life now, selecting the medium I wish to work with, to create and express me with and it is truly magi`cal. And for all that was, and for all that I gave, I am also immensely grateful, humbled by and transformed by. Yet there is SOOOOO much more that I am about to experience ... the most significant journey - the journey deep into Hades underworld, where therein lies the denied, shamed, abandoned and rejected aspects of our Self. A place where we discover the depth of ourselves as soul beings, embracing what we are most afraid of others seeing and knowing. This is where our full sense of being an integrated being resides. The collecting of the pieces we shunned, bringing them into our hearts for acknowledgment and integration.

This journey for me has been a long, arduous one, and I know that this year will be the most profound yet, as there is no more time to waste - with "stuff" that needs doing, or excuses that keep me from fully aligning with my purpose for being on this planet at this time in humanity.

I will soon announce a very important soul-journey I am embarking on in the near future, which will have me blogging my experiences so that those I have taught and shared with may be able to also do their own exploration, and feel supported and maybe even guided by me.

For now though, my most gentle and inspiring journey into unknown territory (teaching internationally) begins March 31st in glorious Costa Rica, at Anamaya Resort. This I promise to be a loving, expansive and tender journey inwards, while being supported in the most YIN of ways; stunning nature energy. You can read below for a link where you can see what your days in this retreat would look like, what my intentions are and what you might expect to receive from me. There is also a VERY COOL and inspiring video clip of the retreat center below! And please, even if you are unable to attend yourself, please share with your friends, because truly we can all benefit from some holistic yoga and love-nature vibes ... right?!!!

From deep within my heart, I wish for you all tremendous inner peace, clarity, trust and curiosity as humanity embarks on one of the most amazing journeys in human history - a global awakening ... are you ready!!!!!?

In gratitude and with love,


www.LanaBoyuk.com (Retreat 2012 - to read more!)

Author's Bio: 

Lana enables her students to explore and tap into their personal powers of self-transformation via her unique, diverse and integrated teaching approach.

She facilitates numerous workshops, intensives, classes and individualized sessions in the Yogic Arts, Life Coaching, Living Cuisine & Ecstatic Free Flow Dance, while her passion is deeply rooted in the Yoga of Intimacy - Practices for Living a Sensual Life.

Lana has accumulated over 3000 hours of teaching and training during her 15 years of study and practice.