The solar industry has its work cut out for it. The energy demands only grow with time, and recently so have the prices, making solar the cheaper and less expensive alternative for meeting one’s electricity needs in many cases. Solar’s popularity can only be boosted by the damaging effects of using dirtier power sources we’re witnessing, with record-breaking extreme weather events happening yearly.

REdifining solar sales

Solar is a booming industry, and as such, it’s attracting people from all walks of life to join in. “There’s a lot of people out there who need new careers, new jobs. The economy is shifting, many things are changing, and solar is really lucrative,” explains Garrett Mendelsohn, CEO of Solar Bootcamp University. “But most people are unaware or don’t know where to start, what companies to work through.”

Mendelsohn entered the industry in 2018, working the traditional way of conducting sales door-to-door. After a couple of years doing it that way, he decided to venture into new territory and start selling virtually, over the phone, or through similar digital tools. He never looked back.

“It gives you the ability to live anywhere. You can work remotely and travel the world,” Mendelsohn says. “And I’m selling the same numbers as people who sell in-house.”

Having gotten all the proof of concept he needed, the next step in his career journey was to provide others with the knowledge and skills he gained. Mendelsohn created the Solar University Bootcamp to help existing professionals and those looking for a point of entry into the industry.

Mendelsohn hasn’t stopped there, though. Seeing how the industry is still rife with fraud and being on the receiving end of it when a former employer refused to pay him, he decided to provide the resources future solar sellers need to avoid getting scammed by solar companies.

“We have a network of install partners, so we can plug people into it and give them really good competitive pay that they normally wouldn’t be able to find without knowing the right people. So they get essentially a turnkey solution where they have everything start to finish handed to them,” Mendelsohn explains. “They get the training; they get the install network; they get lead generation sources; they get everything they need to know and where to go. And we can always update the learning materials, too.”

Still actively selling, Garrett Mendelsohn splits his time between helping people get a foot into the business and helping his customers get the best solar power solutions for their homes. His latest venture, however, sees him take virtual training up a notch and create something entirely new.

Marrying eSports and solar sales, Mendelsohn launched, a platform where people can watch solar sellers do their job live, often in competition with other sellers or team members. It’s the perfect match in an industry as competitive as solar sales, he believes, and it’s also a great way to provide some training to solar sellers looking for new strategies.

“Think of it as ESPN, watching a football game, but you’re watching solar reps compete live on a live stream with commentators, super chats. People are selling to customers in real-time, team versus team, and you’re just an audience member watching people sell.,” says Mendelsohn. “So it’s good training. It’s competitive. It’s fun. And people already compete in tournaments within companies; we just put it on a virtual playing field where everyone can watch.”

Garrett Mendelsohn’s plans for include NFTs, the metaverse, and many other features that boost engagement. Anything that helps solar sellers improve at what they do and navigate the industry without falling for scams — or selling them on to their customers — can only be a good thing.


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