Red Clover Combination – The Benefits

In light of the vast health benefits obtainable from using the herb red clover alone, in particular in assuaging the symptoms of pre-menopause and menopause, more and more people are becoming convinced that this herb may indeed have something above the ordinary to offer, but that's not all.

Let's consider for a moment the even greater benefits that can be reaped when red clover is used together with other herbs and vitamins in a red clover combination:

Why Combine Red Clover With Other Herbs?

Used this way, red clover is just part of the package and you get the health benefits of using more than one herb.

While it is nice to have company when going through a difficult time, reminding yourself that menopause is a condition that all women go through at one time or another is small consolation when what you really need is HELP!

Having a natural supplement such as red clover to smooth out the rough spots for you with its ability to balance out your body's needs is vital.  Add red clover to other healthy herbs as well and your entire body will feel rejuvenated.

When women get caught up in the trials of menopause, which can seem like they will never end, they look for immediate relief.

A word of caution is appropriate here, as all women should educate themselves about the possible side effects of red clover before using it alone or in combination with other vitamins and herbs.   Despite this warning, however, all women should appreciate the vast extent of the potential relief it can provide for pre-menopausal or menopausal symptoms.

One adverse effect of menopause and a part of aging that women don't usually consider is an invisible one called HDL cholesterol, of High-density lipoprotein.  At a time when your body needs it the most, it begins to make less of it.  This is the "good cholesterol" and your body requires it as opposed to LDL, or Low-density lipoprotein, or bad cholesterol.

So red clover helps keep HDL cholesterol at the levels a woman requires, but that's not all.  It can prevent the formation of plaque on the inner walls of the arteries too.

A red clover combination usually consists of certain types of herbs.  Herbs such as Damiana, Sarsaparilla extract, Piperine, and Don Quai mix excellently together with red clover.  Thus you get the helpful benefits of red clover and whatever other herbs are included in the combination with it.

So you end up with a double dose of helpful herbs in your body, which not only ease your menopausal symptoms, but aide your body in fighting off conditions that may be present as a result of menopause, or have appeared as part of aging.

Either way this is an example where more is definitely better than less. It's best as your doctor would advise, if you are participating in some type of exercise program, especially as you age, but red clover and a combination of other herbs can help to give you overall good health even if you aren't.

It's dependable and safe, and relatively inexpensive when you consider all it does for your body.

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