In the Applicant driven Market, every business needs a recruitment strategy to attract, acquire, and retain top talent. Glassdoor's report says 84% of applicants say The Business's reputation is most important, and Salary is one of the biggest factors for retention. Here is a result-oriented approach for your recruitment solution.

Many important factors affect the recruitment process in positive or negative ways.

Let's get a little deep into this brief guide on how to grow your business with unique recruitment solutions.

1. You need a strong recruitment strategy for your business

Every business is unique, so an approach must be. But, there is a significant process for developing a result-oriented strategy. Here are a few tips to follow to develop a successful recruitment strategy.

● Analyze your business needs, goals, and adjectives.

● Identify the weak areas of your business. Fill in the gaps and know your long-term plans for the reduction or expansion of staff.

● Determine the method for your recruitment strategy, whether job consultants or social media.

● Job security. According to the Academic Journal, job security and salary are one of the most important factors in employee retention.

2. Build and promote your brand

A business's online reputation is one of the most important factors in the success of the recruitment strategy.

Glassdoor's report says 84% of applicants say The Business's reputation is most important, and 83% of applicants see the business's profile and reviews before the interview.

Building a personal brand could take time, but the results worth the time. You can build the brand by sharing valuable content in your niche and interacting with your competitors.

Here is a great piece to read to engage your employees at the workplace to grow your business.

3. Recruit Passive candidates

Passive candidates are those working professionals who not actively seeking a job, but could be of great benefit to your organization.

Remember, qualified and skilled candidates never go out of work, so introduce your business and tell them how it reflects their value.

Passive candidates engage at a much higher rate when a brand or business reflects their value.

4. Create a Diverse workplace

Developing a diverse work environment help a different group of people with different shapes, colors, religions, genders, and background to understand what exactly diversity is all about and how the world looks like from outside.

It's important for businesses to avoid unintentional bias and confusion during the recruitment process.

You can start different diversity programs in the organization to introduce diversity and integrity in a practical way.

5. Use Applicant Tracking System Wisely

The use of an applicant tracking system could save the hours that you spend reviewing and screening applications. ATS reviews resume with related keywords.

ATS is a time-efficient tool to coordinate the candidate pipeline and quality candidates are not getting lost in the crowd.

A strong recruitment strategy asks for time and resources, and employers could not waste their time reviewing candidates.

6. Employee Testimonials

Using employee testimonials is a wise recruitment strategy. Current employees are best to attract new candidates.

Keep them engaged. According to a survey conducted by Academic Journal, training and development, challenging/ interesting work, freedom for innovative thinking, and job security are among the top factors for employee retention.

Everyone likes to work at a place where current employees love to work.

7. Spotlight your current employees

This is one of the most underrated recruitment strategies. You can do this by posting details about employees, acknowledging their opinions, and celebrating them.

This strategy will attract those applicants who can relate to this. You can celebrate your employee's birthdays, farewells, anniversaries, and acknowledge them for their performances.

This recruitment strategy is not a one-day process. Great things take time. Analyze, determine, and implement these strategies for better outcomes.

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