Job interviews can be stressful experiences. Candidates often become flustered or nervous while answering fairly basic questions involving job history or personal values. While this is a normal reaction (employrs expect a small amount of nervousness) it can make or break your chances of being hired. Employers want to see three things from a prospective employee: confidence, intelligence, and initiative. Recruitment agencies report that the best way to embody all of these traits as a job candidate is to come prepared.
Tip 1: Re-read the job description. Even though you skimmed the description when you were “tweaking” your resume, that doesn’t mean you have actually retained any information about the position. There is always a chance that you may have missed some fine print. Familiarize yourself with all of the qualifications that the company is looking for or expecting and then mentally match it to past job experiences on your resume.
Tip 2: Research the company that you are applying to. Basic knowledge just won’t do in this situation. Surf the organization’s website and become familiar with its values, mission, objectives, products (or services). This is the perfect time to make a list of questions about the position and the company if you are unclear about anything you research. Employers are often very impressed when candidates ask questions about the company as it shows that you have taken an interest on your own time and have educated yourself about the position you’re applying for.
Tip 3: Practice your interview…with yourself. As hokey as it seems, talking into a mirror and evaluating your possible answers and body language are a valuable preparation tool. Think about how you will answer difficult questions (why you are leaving / have left your current or previous job, etc. ) This is different from memorizing; don’t try and prepare to the point of retaining exact answers to specific questions as this can cause even more confusion and stiffness during the interview itself.
Tip 4: Clean Yourself Up! It’s really not uncommon for people to come to interviews unshaven, unkempt and just plain unsightly. Pick out a professional looking outfit the night before. Shower, shave, and wash before you meet with the interviewer – first impressions are the only ones you are privy to at this point.
Tip 5: Organize your paperwork. Getting ready for the interview means having photocopied reference letters, phone numbers and work samples to present if asked.
Tip 6: Arrive early. Showing up 15 minutes early is ideal. It will not only show your prospective employer that you are punctual, but will also give you a chance to sit, relax and mentally prepare.
Tip 7: Relax and be yourself. Don’t put on airs during the interview and certainly don’t lie or embellish. Speak directly and confidently to the person asking you questions and try not to ramble. Humour never hurts but jokes are not appropriate for interviews. Also, make eye contact and don’t interrupt!
Regardless of the outcome, try and follow up with the interviewer. Even if you don’t get hired, he or she may have valuable information that will help you in future interviews.

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Lilly Gordon is a freelance writer and web publisher. She is currently researching the job market and recruitment agency tips.