Opioid addiction is a chronic medical illness that affects millions of Indians every year. Anyone, regardless of age and race, can develop opioid use disorder (OUD). Like other addictions, the treatment for opioids is possible. Given the right help and proper treatment, it is possible to help the patient suffering from OUD.

However, there is no ideal treatment plan for this chronic and relapsing medical condition. Some patients need to join the rehabilitation center in Pune for a deaddiction program. Others need therapies with medication for a quick recovery.

How do You Develop Opioid Addiction?

Opioid drugs affect your nervous system by inducing feelings of pleasure in your body. Opioid addiction doesn’t necessarily happen willingly. Sometimes, people develop this addiction because the healthcare providers prescribe them certain pain-relieving medications to help relieve severe to chronic pain.

Note that certain types of drugs in the opioid category, such as heroin, fall into the illegal category. People develop an addiction to these drugs when they start taking them even when it isn’t required medically. Put it this way, your body gets so used to morphine and pain-relieving drugs, that you start relying on these pills for pleasure. You feel uncomfortable until you take a few pills every day.

The most harmful effect of the opioid on your body is that it changes the structure of your brain in such a way that your bodies demand a higher dose of opioid for the same effect. For example, if you needed one pill to get relief from pain, you will need to increase the dose to 2-3 pills after a few months to get the same results. Taking these pills over a long period of time can have a very negative impact on your mental and physical health. You start noticing the withdrawal symptoms, which can produce pain and mental stress. Note that dependence is different from addiction. People develop a dependency on Opioids over time.

Treatment for Opioid Addiction:

The biggest risk in people with opioid addiction is death due to overdose. Addicts don’t know how much quantity of these drugs is safe for their bodies. Overdosage can cause breathing problems and death if it isn’t treated immediately.

Treatment for opioids includes medication combined with therapies. Usually, the treatment is provided in a rehab center, but depending on the severity of the problem, the treatment could be given in an outpatient setting. Either way, it is mostly behavioral therapies and medications. The medicines are used to balance the patient’s brain chemistry and give the patient relief from the withdrawal symptoms. Although giving medication for opioid treatment is a personal decision, it has often proven to be a great way to speed up the patient’s recovery.

Medication alone doesn’t work. Families need to provide emotional support to the patient to help them get better faster. Opioid addiction treatment in Pune is available for patients who have developed an unhealthy dependency on the drugs in the opioid category. Choose a reliable rehab and get professional help.

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