Back in 1983, I began reading "A Course in Miracles" and doing the daily lessons in thought reversal. However, the text part of the Course was overwhelming to me then; I felt I was too young to really understand it, and I was in my early thirties. I did realize that this book held all the answers to life's greatest questions and offered a new way of seeing things. But each sentence I had to re-read over many times to get it. Then twenty years later, I find myself in prison doing 2.5 years for a felony DUI.When I was at my lowest point in my life, the Course returns to me there. As the prison librarian, I happened to find Part 3,the Teachers Manual, from the Course tucked away on a shelf. I instantly hid it in my drawer to keep it away from any other inmates prying eyes. As if any of them could understand it anyway. Soon, I found a source that sends the Course free to inmates. Well, I was on my way to doing those daily lessons again and reading the lengthy text. But this time, I had the ultimate environment - prison - to practice what I was learning, and all the time I needed to finally get through the main text. And I did just that! I finally forgave myself for the twisted, bizarre life I had created and let go totally to the immense guilt and shame I'd carried for years. In prison, I was finally free!

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Rob Rideout is an author, singer and songwriter who lives in Colville, Wa with his three cats Baba, Maya and Olive. He wrote the inspirational memoir "Still Singing, Somehow" and a second book of poetry, based on his song lyrics, entitled "Still Singing, Somehow - The Songs". Rob is releasing a CD of original songs in the spring of 2011. He can be reached @