Once the penalty is imposed, recovering from it is not going to be a cakewalk. It won't be impossible too. It is going to take time, and you will have to start from the bottom of the ladder or middle of it depending on whether the penalty is imposed on a portion of your site or is it affecting the entire website. Best SEO Company Canada is the ideal Local SEO Company you are looking for. We provide you with support so that your website climbs back to the top of the ladder and gains back it’s an organic crowd.

How is it done?

There is a slightly different process that our Local SEO is supposed to take in order to deal with manually imposed penalties and penalties that have been inflicted with manual intervention by Google, that is; algorithmic penalty. Now, Let’s find out how to recover from Google Penalty.

For manual penalty

In case that the penalty that has been imposed is manual, you will receive a notification mail informing you about the penalty and the offense that concerns such penalty. Manual penalties are generally for a particular period of time during which the traffic to your website is stopped. The duration of this penalty depends on the gravity of the offense committed. But whatever be the term, Google Penalty is like a death sentence. It will ultimately kill your website by taking away your audiences and stopping your revenues.

For algorithmic penalty

The algorithmic penalties happen because of the filters such as Google panda update, Google hummingbird update, or Google penguin update. With this kind of penalty, it is challenging to detect why is your visibility decreasing. This penalty doesn’t completely delete your website from the related search results but places it far below in the list. After an algorithmic penalty is imposed, search engine result pages don’t show your website in the places it was earlier visible.

What can SEO Company Canada do for you?

We provide the best local SEO Services to provide services to remove a Google penalty irrespective of its type. Our company handles the cleaning of the unrequited links and backlinks that have caused the penalty in the first place. Our company provides local SEO Packages. These packages take care of your long term search engine optimization needs.

We help you remove the penalty imposed with our local SEO Services. Basically, the penalty is triggered when the actions being performed on your website violate Google’s webmaster Guidelines for indexable content. We follow steps to make sure that the penalties imposed on your website are removed and you don't have to bear their brunt for a longer time. We first fix the violating parts of your website and then bring it in tune with Google’s Webmaster. You can count on our affordable local SEO Services Edmonton without any second thoughts.

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