How to Recover Gmail Password?
To recover Gmail password check the steps below:

Open your sign in page of Gmail & click on forget password. You will be asked to type the password you remember & in case if you aren’t able to get your password correct then click on the option try a different question.
forget password
Recovery code will be send on another mail id which is created at first place by you. The code will be send in the mail that needs to be put up for getting the option of new password.
Google verification code
In case if the above way of recovery doesn’t work for you then click on try a different question. Now some easy questions may be asked to you like what your age is or what your mother’s favorite number is.
your mother’s favorite number
Create a new password and access it.
How to Reset Gmail password?
Check on the steps below:

In case if you don’t remember the password

Go to
email or phone
Type your email-address & press on forget password displaying right below.
enter your password
The last password that you remember must be filled in the box. It doesn’t matter if it turns to be a wrong one.
enter last password
Request for the verification-code. Enter it in the appropriate place.
enter the code
Now you ll be able to create a new password
How to Select Strong Gmail Password?
Follow the easy steps below.

The password should be remembered easily
No personal information should be used to make passwords
Don’t use name from dictionary or English word that is easy to hack
Use 7 characters or more
Use characters/ symbols/ lowercase/ uppercase letter etc.
Use mixed characters.

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How to Recover Gmail Password? To Recover Gmail Password check the steps below: Open your sign in page of Gmail & click on forget password. You will