How frustrated have you felt when you’ve forgotten something or somebody’s name?

Texan, Ron White, officially has one of the best memories on the Planet and he would tell you right this instant to ‘stop saying you have a terrible memory!’

In an exclusive face-to-face interview at Life Lasting Success in Dublin, Ireland with Marie O’Riordan he revealed his secret is that there is no secret. According to Ron, ‘Anyone can learn how to have a phenomenal memory.’ The number one thing that any of us requires to enjoy a terrific memory is focus. Yes, focus. Next time you hear someone’s name - pay attention.

We all have an incredible ability to memorise facts, figures names or anything else we desire for that matter. One of Ron’s great joys is memorising World Series baseball facts. It’s sure to pick him up another U.S. or World Record memory title in the future.

Now let the practical tips begin. It is scientifically proven that eating nutritious foods like blueberries, spinach and omega 3 oils will help you to have a much better memory. These are what Ron snacks on constantly.

‘Mr. Memory Man’ is about to take part in the Memory World Championships in London to battle it out for the distinguished title for the most numbers memorised in one hour.

Ron speaks to thousands of people at a time about how to utilise the power of their memory to achieve significant business results, especially in the new economy. Doesn’t it mean a lot to you when people actually genuinely remember your name?

He holds the U.S. Record for memorising a deck of cards in the shortest time - one minute 27 seconds. Plus, the U.S. Record for memorizing a 167 digit number in 5 minutes.

When Ron White meets a woman named Lisa he thinks of The Mona Lisa and when introduced to a guy named for instance, Steve, he recalls a stove. These super effective little tricks can also help your mind remember and never forget names.

So, don’t forget to incorporate Ron’s tips next time you’re introduced to someone for the first time. To your success and growth and that of your memory and your networking ability.

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Marie O’Riordan is Ireland’s Leading Accelerated media Strategist.™ Marie passion is interviewing the World’s most influential and interesting people face-to-face and sharing their knowledge. Why not discover more about Marie’s mission in life.