Romantic relationships are complicated and fragile that nurturing is needed to keep them healthy and long-lasting. When a relationship lacks nurturing, break ups do happen and it can be really painful and confusing to break up with someone you love. If your relationship recently ended, you probably are nursing a broken heart and thinking about reconciling after breaking up. It is not impossible to win back an ex and there are many couples who went through break ups and discovered love is lovelier the second time around but getting an ex back is not something that could happen overnight. If you think that your broken relationship deserves a second chance, the following tips can be very helpful in reconciling after breaking up.

Avoid being needy. Be strong and do not appear too needy even if you want your ex back so badly. Reconciling after breaking up is not about begging, clinging and acting so desperate. Nobody wants a loser, so stop acting like one. Yes, you are hurt and desperately want your ex back but you will get hurt more if you keep on begging. Be strong, and try your best to act like you are in control of yourself and let your ex think that you have moved on. Strong people who can rise above unfortunate happenings are admirable. Your ex will soon realize your admirable traits.

Lessen the communication with your ex. You may think that this method is in oppose with what you want to achieve which is reconciling after breaking up with your ex but this will actually help you and your ex sort things out. Cutting the means of communication for a while will give you and your ex the time to reflect on things. As the saying goes "absence makes the heart grow fonder." The lack of communication increases the desire for it and if your relationship really deserves a second chance, you will both realize the value of each other and can't wait to talk to each other again.

Be reasonable and flexible. Accept that breaking up is part of any romantic relationship and this can be temporary or permanent. Do not get angry or do things you will regret just because he or she dumped you. Be reasonable and do not burn bridges or act out of anger because reconciling after breaking up could be really hard if you will burn bridges. For instance, do not be too demanding or return all the things or gifts that your ex gave to you. This is very childish and immature. Try to be flexible and understand the situation and your ex will be surprised to see how mature you are.

Avoid isolation or being alone. You need to go out and enjoy the company of other people. Although you have plans of reconciling after breaking up, it can be really hard to fix a broken relationship if you are not in good condition. It will be easier to win an ex back when you are on your best and in control of your emotions. You need to recuperate and mend your broken heart and being alone is not the best way to deal with a break up. You need to go out and meet other people. It doesn't mean that you have to date but seeing old friends and meeting new friends is like a therapy for you to heal the sadness and pain brought by your recent break up.

Getting an ex back is sometimes not easy but it is not impossible.

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