Position essays are all about taking one position and defending it, students have to provide their own point of view on the subject and support it by giving relevant examples or arguments. There is no rule involved for the selection of the position essay topic, a student can select any general topic of his or her interest and write position essays on it.

This article will provide some of the interesting position essay topic so that students don’t spend their days and night in searching but before that we should tell you the basic difference between position essays and argumentative essays because students usually get confused with this.

In argumentative essays, you have to provide sturdy arguments based on concrete research work in order to support the thesis statement while in position essays one has to provide arguments that are totally based on personal opinion. This is why; handling position essays can sometimes be tricky and sometime become very easy depending on the nature of the position essay topic. So, the topic selection should be mainly based on the knowledge a student possessed.

Following are some of the interesting position essay topics that are in the form of an argument and the decision is up to the students whether they want to write in favor or against the topic.

1- Racial discrimination for African living in America is at its worst peak.

Here, you would decide whether you think it is on its peak or you even don’t believe that there is any racial discrimination issue there.

2- Research work conducted on animals in inhuman.

Do you think that animal should be used for the experiments conducted by scientist, if yes then provide arguments, why and if no then support the statement with sturdy argument.

3- Use of Marijuana should be banned forever.

Marijuana can be used for many good purposes as well apart from the bad, so think what your perception about the argument is.

4- Latest technology is making human kind indolent

Now, people don’t visit a friend instead they go just ring him or her on the cell phone, so what do you think how the technology is making us dependent or not?

5- Mass media has changed the form of communication

Has mass media affected our lives? Have it changed the way we think or there is no difference it created to our live yet? Provide your statement in the light of powerful arguments.

6- “ Right to die” cannot be granted to the individual

What do you think, should a citizen be given the right to die if he wants to like they are granted the other kind of rights?

Hence, the above told six position essay topics will help you write a good piece to position essay, but make sure whatever topic you are selecting is easy to understand and on which you have a decent knowledge, otherwise you won’t be able to develop sturdy arguments. Final words of advice are to be creative and think for different arguments that will help convince the readers to maximum.

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