The medicinal value of turmeric extract is undeniable. However, there is a popular saying that too much of anything (even superfoods) is poisonous. Curcumin is an excellent compound in fighting cancer and Alzheimer. The extract improves multiplication of brain cells, thus, acting against degeneration activities of these conditions.

However, when taken in excess it can damage your DNA. High concentration of the compound can also suppress your body immunity.

Alzheimer condition destroys the brain cells and worsens over time. The disease leads to the deposit of complex proteins and development of fibrous proteins which inhibit cell growth and degenerate existing ones. Dementia is one of the primary predisposing factors to this condition. Curcumin acts by reducing beta-amyloid proteins which are deposited in the brain.

The anti-depression properties of turmeric are also essential for Alzheimer patients. It helps to stabilize their mental condition and enhances memory. Curcumin also improves the cognitive and learning process of the brain. All these medicinal values can only be realized if you stick to the right dosage. Taking a lot of curcumin can worsen the situation.

In cancer patients, turmeric does not only act as a laxative but also contains chemopreventive properties. It inhibits the COX-2 enzyme that causes adverse inflammation of cells which can lead to cancer. The compound controls several molecular targets including those responsible for multiplication of cancerous cells. Though curcumin not a curative measure for cancer, it is a good extract in control of the disease.

Curcuma rhizomes are served as beverage, pills, golden paste, or raw roots. Observing the right dosage for each serving is essential in realizing a positive outcome. Here are some of the recommended intakes.

1. Turmeric rhizomes

The advisable dosage of the raw root is around 2.5g in a day. To increase the uptake of curcumin, you can grind the rhizome in warm milk to increase its solubility. Chopping a few pieces of black pepper into the mixture will also enhance absorbability.

2. Golden paste

As the name suggests, this is one of the best methods of consuming turmeric for optimal medicinal value. The paste is prepared using turmeric powder, healthy fats, and black pepper. You should increase intake of the mixture gradually to observe any side effects before taking a full dosage. You can start with a ¼ tablespoonful and increase to 1 tablespoonful in a day for three times.

3. Turmeric beverage

The most common curcumin beverage is tea. If the taste of turmeric does not augur well with your taste glands, this is an ideal option for you. You can take 1-2 cups of turmeric tea in a day to fight cancer or Alzheimer condition.

4. Curcumin supplements

Numerous drugs are enhanced with the compound. These supplements are readily absorbed by the body because they are reinforced with catalysts that increase absorbability of the extract. The recommended dosage is 0.35g pills three times a day which contain around 90% of curcumin.

It is advisable to stick to the correct dosage of each method of intake. The body does not readily absorb the extract as a raw product. Therefore, the addition of catalysts is essential.

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