Ugh! That bulging midsection. It has always been one of the most annoying problem areas where fat is concerned. It has fondly been termed as a love handle to make it normal and acceptable, but those who house these stubborn belly fats feel less than love for these. That big chunk of goo becomes even more bothersome when we can't anymore see what's, ahem, "down there."

Working out that stubborn belly fat takes commitment. Fat that has been deeply entrenched in the waistline is extremely difficult to get rid of. But that can be overcome with the knowledge, right exercise, proper diet, patience and perseverance.

Let's correct one common misconception first: You cannot lose belly fat through spot-reduction workouts. If you do your push ups, crunches and sit ups for the sole purpose of specifically trimming down your belly and getting killer abs, you're not going to be much of a success. However, what you can do is strengthen your chest, leg and back muscles by performing exercises that target all these muscle groups. By doing so, you increase your metabolism, which in turn, burns away all your body fat wherever these are located in your body. Aerobic exercise is also a good way of keeping your metabolism running even after your workout time and can help keep that weight off. This is where you should focus much of your routine on.

But that is not to say that you have to skip abdominal exercises altogether. Ab workouts are also essential in strengthening your abdominal muscles and reducing that layer of fat that covers it up. Besides, you need to develop strength for the muscles of your back and abs (core strength) so that whatever form of exercise you do, you're better equipped to do it. The following ab workouts would suit just that:

1. Bicycle Exercise.

With your lower back to the floor and your hands at the side of your head, bring your knee towards your chest while slowly lifting your shoulders off the floor. Straighten your left leg while turning your body to the right at the same time, pointing your left elbow towards your right knee. Do the same for the other side.

2. Vertical Leg Crunch.

With your back on the floor and hands behind your head (or on the floor), extend your legs straight up with your knees crossed. Lift your shoulders by contracting your abs, keeping your legs in that same position. Lower and repeat the motions.

3. Exercise Ball Crunch

Lie on the ball placed behind your lower back. With your arms behind your head, lift your torso off the ball by contracting your abs. As you do this, the bottom of your ribcage should be pulled down towards your hips. Make sure that the ball doesn't roll as you curl up. Feel a stretch in your abs as you lower back down.

One last thing, no amount of ab workout will get rid of that stubborn belly fat if you don't watch what you eat and the proportions you take your food in. Make sure you combine any workout regimen you do with a well-balanced diet.

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