Take Stock:

Now is an ideal time to pause and take stock of you. What is it that you are truly grateful for? Often, we take for granted what we have without ever noting its importance.

A female client once came to me, depressed and feeling that her life was void of true meaning. She was financially fortunate and there was much in her life that others would have envied. During one coaching session, I asked her what she had to be grateful for. She looked at me with disbelief and was silent. Sadly, she couldn’t think of anything.

Gratitude Review:

“How did you get to my office? I asked her. “By car, of course,” she responded. “Are you grateful for your car?” “Why yes, I suppose I am,” she said. “What about your feet and legs, arms and fingers? Are you grateful for them and how about your husband and children?” To each question, she answered yes. The next session, she brought a long list of what she was thankful for and said that she felt much better.

I’m not suggesting that gratitude by itself is a cure for depression. However, what I recommend is that now is ideal to review what you have in your life to be grateful for. It’s usually a mind opening experience, and for me always a humbling one.

Practice Gratitude:

Years ago, I devised a ritual that I’ve been using repeatedly that puts my life and goals in perspective. Before I go to sleep each evening, I review what there is to be thankful for. Included are items that were particularly meaningful for that day. I find that getting into the habit of doing this regularly has helped me view my life circumstances with eyes that behold how fortunate I am.

The benefits of creating some moments for this review are important, regardless of their frequency. When you practice gratitude, it can change your life perception, and also change the way you treat others, and affect your attitude about you.

Gratitude, for even the smallest aspect of your life, can turn the dimmest moments into ones of appreciation. When we examine the storehouse of wealth that we have, often the most simple, yet overlooked, such as our body parts, eyes, voice, fingers, ability to think, laugh, love, and the available choices in our country, we recognize how fortunate we truly are.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Jo Anne White is an author, certified life, leadership and business coach and energy intuitive who helps people overcome challenges, create self mastery and triumph in life and business.