How do you feel when you are totally stressed, and pressed for time? If your like many, your productivity takes a hit, and not in an upward direction. When you feel as if your being pulled in many different directions at once, you can become less productive and begin to start feeling overwhelmed. It is at this time that you need to take a step back, and reduce the noise in your life.
So what are some things you can do to get back on track?
First off, you can have the basics in place, such as having a weekly plan of action, put things in the order of importance that they need to be done. You should also feel comfortable with tweaking and changing as the week progresses.
The important thing is to have it written down, so you can look and see what you would like to accomplish during that week. If all cannot get done, no big deal, save what you can for another time. When you have your tasks written down in front of you, it is naturally easier not to get confused or distracted, and you won’t forget
what you intended to do.
Second, have a good system in place, one that you feel comfortable with. Make sure it works for you, and is making it easier to achieve the things you would like to. When you are organized there is a better flow of productivity.
Now, for some of the so-called out–of-the-box things you can do in order to re-charge, re-capture, and re-energize.
For starters, learn the art of listening to yourself. Be still and here your inner voice reaching out to you. If you feel like you need a break, take one. If you feel like you would like to visit, or do something you have not done, find the time to do it. Point is, don’t ignore your thoughts and what you feel. Hear yourself and listen.
It is also good to try something new, or do something you use to love doing, and have not done in awhile. When you do this, it can help to energize you in a very positive way. On the other end of thought, you can also just take a break and do nothing except spend the day reflecting and resting.
You will find that if you take a break and do something you normally would not do every once in awhile, it will help to create a balance of newness in your life that in turn will work in a very uplifting way for you. It will help to bring change, excitement and flavor into your life. The benefit is a perfect balance of calm and energy. Instead of feeling drained, you will feel re-charged and ready to take on the world.

© Lori Snyder 2009

Author's Bio: 

Lori Snyder partners with people who are ready to begin moving their lives in an upward forward direction. I believe that each person hold within them powerful inner strength, that when tapped into, can help them to create positive results towards making their lives an extraordinary one.

Lori has a degree in Sociology, and is a Certified Executive/Empowerment Coach; she is also an Accredited Energy Leadership Coach. Lori received this certification from IPEC School of Coaching. She is also a successful speaker, writer, workshop facilitator and entrepreneur.

Lori was a columnist for The Long Island Center for Business & Professional Women. And she also was on the advisory board for Newsday s Wellness Magazine; she acted as their Personal Development Coach, and also enjoyed doing a 6 month feature with the magazine, she was also featured in More magazine, and Generations magazine, and was just recently on Life Coach TV. Lori can be reached at or 516-708.9261.