It is often said that human beings have the need to receive on one side and the need to give on the other. When it comes to their ability to receive, this is something that relates to their feminine nature; whereas when it comes to their need to give, this relates to their masculine nature.

And it is not going to matter if one is a man or a women, as both sexes have each aspect within them. Now, one might identify more with one part than the other, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t posses both sides.

One Part

If one has looked into what it takes to be successful, they may have heard how important it is for them to give. Or even if this is not something they have looked into, they may have heard about it from the people they know.

Therefore, in order for them to move forward in life and to have more of what they want, it will be vital for them to give as much as they can. The value they give to the world will then end up coming back to them.

The Logical Approach

Whether or not one has heard this before, they could come to the conclusion that it makes sense. As if they were it simply take from the world, there is not much chance of them getting a lot back.

Based on this, one will need to give as much as they can to the world, and this will then allow them to have what they desire. There will be what they receive directly, and what they receive indirectly.

Two Sides

When it comes to the first part, this is typically going to relate to what people pay them for the services they offer the world. So while they are at work, there will be the effect they have on other people’s lives.

The second part is generally going to involve what they do when they are not at work. This is going to be what takes place in their relationships, and it can include what they do to help people in others ways.

A Simple Equation

The amount one gets back from the world is then going to be defined by how much they give. Thus, if one doesn’t have enough, it will be a good idea for them to give more to others.

And, if they are giving a lot and this is not allowing them to have what they need and/or desire, there is only going to be one thing for them to do. If one is already doing a lot, they might wonder what else they can do.

One Focus

As to how long they will need to do this for can all depend; even so, one might just keep going until their life changes. They will believe that they are doing the right thing, and it is then only going to be a matter of time.

There is the chance that their life will soon change, and they will receive exactly what they need (and more). To get to this point, there is a strong chance that one will have needed to have a lot of willpower.


If they didn’t have this, it wouldn’t have been possible for them to have got to this stage in their life. Instead, one might have simply given up after their life wasn’t going the way they wanted it to.

It is often said that willpower is something that someone will need if they want to be successful in life. One is then going to have an ability that will allow them to achieve their goals.

Another Side

At the same time, one could find that no matter how much they give, their life doesn’t really change. One is then going to be doing what they have been told to do, but it is not going to lead to their desired outcome.

It is then going to be as if one is following the instructions on how to build a table and the table doesn’t look right. They will have carefully followed each step, but it will be as if they have completely ignored what has been written.

The Wrong Way Around

Although it is often said that one will need to give more if they want to receive more; it could be said that it is not this black and white. This is because unless one has the ability to receive, it might not matter how much they give.

When it comes to being able to receive, it is not going to be enough for them to have the desire; they will also need to feel that it is safe for them to do so. This is something that they can find out by getting in touch with their body.

Going Deeper

Intellectually, one can have no trouble with receive everything they need, but if they were to get in touch with their body, this could soon change. And what is taking place here can be the result of the experiences they had when they were younger.

For example, if this was a time when their boundaries were not respected, it would have caused them to be walked over, and they would have ended up feeling worthless. So as a way to stop themselves from losing themselves again, they can do everything they can to keep life at bay.

Out of Balance

And through feeling worthless, they are not going to believe that they deserve to have their needs met. When this is something that is taking place at a deeper level, and one is not aware of what feels comfortable, it can be normal for them to believe that they have no control over what is taking place.

Their feminine aspect (the part that gives them the ability receive), is going to be dominated by their masculine aspect. This part of them will enable them to feel safe and in control, but it will also cause them to feel as though they are disconnected from life.


If one can relate to this, and they want to embrace both sides of their nature, they might need to work with a therapist.

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