You swoon, you sigh. He is so romantic, so perfect! He is constantly calling you, giving you sweet nothings. He pampers you tremendously. He tells you every day that he will do anything and every thing you want. Your heart sinks every time he cries by the mere thought of you leaving him.

You tell yourself you are so lucky to have someone who feels for you intensely. He is so perfect you ignore the fact he just got out from a 5-year relationship. He is love on the rebound; your friends say it might not work, especially if he is the one who got dump.

Sometimes you do wonder, is he really seeing me? When he talks about his undying care and admiration for you, you sometimes question yourself, is he really talking about me? The answers scare you because you are starting to like him. You love the attention and care he is showering you.

But you want something more than that; you want him to see you. Not his past, not his ex. What scares you most- what if he is still feels for his ex? Rebound love is an unfair game. You don’t go to another relationship after you have failed in one and pour out your frustrations and short comings in this new stranger.

It’s totally unfair- it doesn’t matter how pampering or loving you are. Relationship is about sincerity, loyalty and faithfulness. And rebound love is form of deceit. You are fooling all the people involved. You are fooling your new relationship and most of all yourself. If you’re with someone who just got dumped, remember they are suffering from severe case of rejection.

They need relief from pain and self-validation. They need a dose of assurance that they are can make a relationship work, they are attractive, loveable, they don’t need to be alone and it is not their fault the relationship failed. You are love on the rebound if you have unresolved issues about your former relationship.

These issues can be anger, hate, love and resentment. Not having closure about your past relationship is love on the rebound. What are the signs and symptoms of rebound love? He is needy. Neediness is a symptom of loneliness and insecurity. He can’t take another minute by himself. He is moody; he is ecstatic and happy when he is with his friends or with his potential new girlfriend.

But when he is alone, that’s when he becomes vulnerable and weeps like a baby. It’s either he tremendously likes to talk about his ex or it can be the opposite. He doesn’t want to talk anything related to his ex and when you ask him about it- totally memory block.

Another is too much anger about his ex. Bad mouthing his ex and the rest of the women of the world- except you. He used to have the “hots” for tanned, petite, blonde women just like his former girl friend. Now he “digs” your type fair complexion, tall, brunette type.

Men on rebound love usually goes for the one totally of the opposite of their type- maybe it be in physical aspects or in personality. Going for the totally opposite makes them feel safe not to be hurt again. If you are love on the rebound, give yourself a break you owe it to yourself to gain your momentum, to regain yourself, to heal the pain.

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