Structural Drafting India division has vast experience in Reinforcement concrete detailing (Rebar Detailing). We have experienced detailers to cater to the requirement of R.C. detailing for clients in US, UK Australia and Canada..

Our Rebar detailers and estimators have expertise in detailing variety of structures. Structural Drafting India uses specialized Latest software to carry out the rebar detailing services..

Rebar detailing India experience in rebar detailing span across the following type of projects:
Commercial and Industrial buildings

We have detailing expertise in most elements like Foundation, Columns, Walls, Slabs, Beams, Elevator pit, Staircases, WWF (Welded Wire Fabric).

Highways and Bridges:

We detail different types of bridges and their elements like Bridge Substructure (Piles, Foundation, Bent Columns, Abutment, Wingwalls etc.,) Bridge Superstructure (Diaphragms, Bent caps, Girders, Deck Slab, Approach Slabs etc.,) Highway structures (Retaining walls, Sound walls, Barriers etc.,)

Water Treatment plants
Drainage structures
Parking Lots
Pipe & Box Culvert, Culvert Wing walls, Inlet etc.,
We use the following standards and codes based on client requirement,

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)
ACI (American Concrete Institute)
CRSI (Concrete Reinforcement Steel Institute)
AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) BS 8666

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