The next time you reach for that fast food––whether it’s chicken nuggets, burgers, or fries–– think about the horrific job you are giving your poor colon. Obviously, you shouldn’t center your whole life around the condition of your colon, but you should be aware of the benefits of a healthy colon on your overall lifestyle. Most Americans are ignorant when it comes to colon health, and as such, many are living with less satisfying lives and worse health than they need to.

One problem with most American diets is the lack of fiber. Think about that fast food you ate. It’s starch, starch, and some kind of meat that was likely grain-fed. The point is, getting natural fiber requires the consumption of something foreign to many people in our “fast food nation”, and that is fruits and vegetables. Even if you wanted to change and started eating a diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, that’s not going to totally reverse all of the buildup of waste in your colon and intestinal tract.

It’s not possible to have a healthy colon without fiber, so if you’ve gone a while without much fiber, you should especially consider colon cleansing. If you do have a buildup of fecal matter and toxins in your colon and intestines, you are more likely to get health problems like constipation, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, and even colon cancer. Granted, some of these can be caused by other problems, but there’s no reason to leave it up to chance when you can actually help yourself with a simple colon cleanse.

Think about what digestion actually does for your body. Everything that your body needs to run––from organs to nerves to hormones to muscles––requires nutrients. It’s just like a car that needs oil, coolant, and gasoline; if you don’t give your car those basic needs, it’s eventually going to grind to a halt, and it’s likely to be damaged in the process. Flushing your system, just like flushing a car’s system, is simply a healthy aspect of maintaining your body’s functions. If you don’t do it, you risk adverse health problems.

If you think that improved digestion is the only benefit of colon cleansing, though, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. While this is certainly one admirable goal of colon cleansing, it can also help you by reducing your food cravings, reducing gas and bloating, reducing body odor and bad breath, reducing whitening of the tongue, and improving your complexion. Your body has been living with toxins for years, so naturally you’ll look and feel better when you’ve finally cleared them all out.

So, what are the reasons for colon cleansing? Why would you choose to cleanse your colon? It’s all about maximizing your health. You’ve not got a huge amount of time on this earth, so why waste any of it feeling uncomfortable, unhappy, or fatigued? Start colon cleansing, and enjoy good overall health, a healthier complexion and appearance, more energy, and lower weight as soon as possible.

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