With warm climate at long last not too far off, it’s practically time to remove your feet from covering up and let them relax in the open-toe-shoe transcendence of spring. In any case, now that they’re out and in plain view, it may be a great opportunity to address an issue a considerable measure of us experience the ill effects of peeling skin. “Peeling feet are common, and there are many reasons why,” says Rebecca Pruthi, a doctor of podiatric medicine and owner of Foot Care of Manhattan. “We’re on our feet all the time, and the reproduced pounding and walking can cause cracking and scaling of the skin,” she says.

In any case, peeling feet can be about something other than beating the asphalt. Here are seven reasons why your feet may peel.

1.Fungal Infection

As indicated by Pruthi, the most widely recognized reason patients have peeling feet a contagious disease (like competitor’s foot)— although they may not acknowledge it. “A ton of times it just introduces itself as peeling skin and patients don’t have the irritation, so they don’t have any acquaintance with its parasitic contamination,” Pruthi says. So if your skin begins bafflingly peeling out of the blue, get it looked at as soon as possible. When you have a contagious disease on your skin, it can without much of a stretch taint your toenail, which Pruthi cautions can be exceptionally hard to dispose of.

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“What I see that happens is that the skin taints the nails, the nails re-contaminate the skin, forward and backward, forward and backward,” she says. “So whatever presents itself first, you need to knock it away.”

2.Strappy Heels

Numerous ladies, including Pruthi, love to wear strappy shoes in the late spring. Be that as it may, as an individual who hasn’t appropriately softened up her new heels knows, cozy footwear can bring about some genuine rubbing. “Anything that causes rubbing can bring about rankles, which can likewise bring about scaling or peeling of the skin,” Pruthi says. “Try not to wear shoes for a long time, wear appropriate materials that sort of form to your feet, and when you begin to feel rubbing, change your shoes. Try not to permit excessively of that to dive into your skin.” And you shouldn’t just concentrate on the effect of your heels. Flip failures are additionally an offender of foot inconvenience and peeling.


“Eczema is a skin condition that manifests throughout scaling of the skin,” says Pruthi. It can bring about peeling, tingling, and dryness everywhere throughout the body—including the soles of your feet. Albeit many have encountered dermatitis since adolescence, individuals can likewise build up the skin condition as a grown-up. Fortunately, there are numerous topical cures accessible through podiatrists and dermatologists.


Lack of hydration can make you tired, diminish your digestion, add to breakouts, and the truth is stranger than fiction, make your feet peel, as well! “If you’re not hydrated enough, your skin starts to flake off everywhere on our bodies,” Pruthi says.


No one goes to the shoreline with the expectations of getting a beet-red, difficult to-touch sunburn. Be that as it may, while you may be great at recollecting to foam sunscreen onto your face, back, and bears, Pruthi sees that “the feet always get the short end of the stick.” So when you simply dunk your feet in the sea and expect your moisturizer has remained on perhaps reapply. Sunburns prompt peeling and other alarming things.

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